Google Hangouts – Where is Google Hangouts Found?

Google Hangouts, a unified communications service that allows members to initiate and get in touch via text, voice text, and call, video chats, either in private or in group meetings is made available both to Android and iOS mobile and PC users for easy and swift communications.

Google Hangouts - Where is Google Hangouts Found?

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and have been looking for a platform that offers a means to reach out to your customers and clients without being time limit bound or having a limit of customers to add to your group meetings. Google Hangouts offers an effective collaboration platform.

Where is Google Hangouts Found?

Though Google Hangouts now have a mobile app, you could still access Google Hangouts via Google+ and also Gmail. You could download Google Hangouts via your App Store and enjoy more features. However, in 2020, Google replaced Hangouts with Google chat in Gmail. Google endorsed the use of Chats over Hangouts as an instant messaging tool.

Two Basic Features of Google Hangouts Explained

Currently, Google Hangouts is now known as Google Hangouts Meet. As a cloud-based collaboration communication tool, it has two basic features in it, and in this article, I am explaining to you these features.

  • Hangouts Meet: This is the first feature in Google Hangouts, on this feature; the users get to host and attend online video conferences. It also accommodates multiple users’ video calling each other natively from the comfort of their homes, offices, from their computer browser. They don’t need to install different software to carry out this. But for iOS and android users, they need to download the Hangouts Meet into their mobile devices in order to carry out the video calling that still keeps and maintains their data and security without worries and stress. Google Hangouts provides also a high quality video transmission.
  • Hangout Chat: Almost same as the first, but this feature only allows texts. So as a user, you can chat privately with an individual or create a group chat that can contain as many contacts as you want. Hangout Chat allows users to chat from the comfort of their homes, offices, from either their browsers or the installed Hangouts app in their mobile devices. On Hangouts Chat, users are enabled to create chat rooms for colleagues, family, business or any group chat that they would like to create and at the same time it allows the share of documents and files within secured channels.

How can Google Hangouts Meet be of Benefit to my Business?

Are you a business person, an entrepreneur with several clients and customers? Or perhaps you are even a school teacher and would love to keep in touch with your students or pupils whether the school is resumed or on a vacation, Google Hangouts meet is definitely the software you could consider for group and private official meetings.

Perhaps your business deals with a distributing workforce, external contractors, and freelancers, having consistent video conferences that sync with the calendar and also an email cold be proven to be a boon on Google Hangouts Meet. If you are in a large enterprise with several sales teams who deal with customers/clients or procurement departments who are dealing with vendors, integration with a third-party video where several apps could be called along with mobile compatibility will definitely boost productivity at a fair reasonable cost.