Contact Us is an online platform where technology is visualized. This is a blog that provides helpful tips and information on technology and how-to tips for the sub-Saharan Africa region. Users who visit this portal can ask for any technical support and get possible solutions from our tech team. is here not just to provide solutions but to help users fix the existing problems that need to be fixed. Knowledge plays a key role in information, just like the saying goes, “If you are not informed, then you are deformed.” Something has to take the space.

Our team is really working hard to see and will put tech to work in every home across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Tecng teams are more than happy to provide you with all the information and resources you need. is here to put all the tech headlines on your table as we build a world of tech.

Our Goal

One of our major goals is to build smart cities across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. The words “smart home” have been trending, but still, I really can see people in Nigeria building a smart home or probably working on their existing one to get a feel of what a smart home is all about.

There is a need to educate users on how and why they need a device. Feel free to communicate with us and share your experiences and issues. You can contact us with the below contact in the contact section. Our team is more than happy to assist you with the help you need. Contact info

Our contact information is open to all users who are in need of technical support. Please note that all our support is free with no restrictions, as our technical team is ready to assist you with the support you need.

Users can contact us via email or drop a comment in our comment box. All questions will be answered, and the solution will be provided if need be. Our mobile phone contact is closed for now but will be open as soon as possible for users who prefer a mobile phone call.

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