Apple Event 2022 – Date And How to Watch Online

Yay! Apple is hosting another event in 2022. Every year, a lot of people look forward to the apple event every year. Well, Apple has announced this year’s event date and where it will be taking place. In this article, I will be telling you about it. At every Apple event, Apple announces all their devices and also celebrates them.

Apple Event 2022 - Date And How to Watch Online

However, Apple will or might be announcing a new device or apple phone for its users. A lot of people say that Apple will be announcing and releasing a new phone but at the event, we will find out. In 2021, the Apple event was very exciting and amazing. It took place on the 20th of April. And a lot of people can testify that it was a great one. We all hope that this year will be as fun and exciting as last year. Just as we expect a lot of fun at every Apple event, we will be having as much fun as earlier.

In other words, Apple might be announcing the apple iPhone SE at this event. A lot of people have been looking forward to getting to seeing and getting this phone so to be updated, you will need to go to the event and you can access it online or app through any apple platform.

What is Apple Event All About?

Every year, Apple hosts events to celebrate and announce all their released devices. Each time Apple is releasing a new device, they host events to announce their upcoming device for all their fans to see. This event can be watched online using any Apple device.

All devices of a new model of device Apple are making, will be announced and highlighted in the event. Also, the released date will be given.

Apple Event Date

On the contrary, Apple has announced the event date and everyone will be invited and they will also be telling you all about it. Apple Spring event will take place on the 8th of March 2022 by 10 am PST. And it is open to a lot of people.

You can watch it online at or on the Apple TV app. However, because of the covid-19, we assumed that Apple will not be hosting an event. But am glad to announce to you that it will take place today.

How to Watch Apple Event Online

It is very easy to watch apple even online. Just by going to Apple TV or the Apple event page, you will be able to access it live from your home. You can also use their Apple TV or apple podcast app; you will be able to do so.

On this, you can still watch it online easily and also watch it over and over again. As an Apple user, it is free to watch as long as you are logged in on your Apple TV and so on, you can access it live. This means that you can only watch it online as an apple user and not an android user.