BidorBuy – How do I Bid on BidorBuy

What is BidorBuy? You are trying to get the right words to explain what the BidorBuy is all about. Am sure most people have watched movies where a lot of people gather in a place and bid for products with different prices in order to get the product. The BidorBuy is just exactly like that but it is more advanced because it is now online. The BidorBuy was founded in the year 1999 and it is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The English language e-commerce website offers you different kinds of products from electronics, furniture, smartphones, and so on.

BidorBuy - How do I Bid on BidorBuy

The BidorBuy is an online marketplace whereby individuals and businesses bid for products like laptops, electronics, smartphones, appliances, furniture, and more. The website is a South African online marketplace that allows the buyer and sellers to bid through online auctions and with fixed-price sales. The website is helping to build connected communities of buyers and sellers. You can also check them out on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and youtube.  You can also shop on their website for a product by category and also enjoy discounts of up to 70%.

BidorBuy Specials

The BidorBuy specials can be gotten during the weekend and their auctions. You can specials on electronics and home appliances and also on their latest catalogs. You can also subscribe to their new promotion online.  With the BidorBuy specials, you get to save from the product you bid for.

BidorBuy Reviews

The BidorBuy reviews allow rule breakers and liars to sell products on their online platform with just a warning to the seller of the product when they are caught. As they are very reliable they allow many fake sellers to sell their products at a very high price.

Is BidorBuy Legit?

Yes, the BidorBuy is very legit and they are very reliable as you can purchase and as well sell a great number of items through their website. The website does not allow the buyer to pay money directly into the seller’s account after purchasing a product but, into the BidorBuy account. The online marketplace is also different sites like gumtree, olx and so on that is classified.

How do I Bid on BidorBuy

You can bid on the BidorBuy with just some easy steps but you have to create an account first before you can bid for anything.  You go to their official website and click on the join at the right hand of the page. Enter all the required information, once you are done click on the create account. Following these steps to bid on the BidorBuy website.

  • register to a new account
  • search for the items you want to bid for, or browse the product categories
  • check and read the description of the item
  • you can place a bid or place your order
  • check again and submit your bid

Then, your bid will be confirmed, you also need to know you have to click on a link in an email to enable your account and that must be done before your bid is confirmed.