Toyota Hilux – Basic Features of Toyota Hilux

Toyota established on August 28th, 1937 has been making waves in the transportation industry. Creating and inventing new models of their products is what the Toyota Motor Corporation has been known for by its loyal fans and users. A yearly barely comes to an end without Toyota introducing either a totally new brand or an updated brand of their already made products. This article would be giving you information concerning Toyota Hilux.

Toyota Hilux

These cars often come with new advanced features and structures, few of these features include; Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Hilux, and a whole lots of others that Toyota brand has produced and in over decades of existence. In this article, I will be introducing to you the Toyota Hilux. Stick close to this post, there is sure a lot to learn about Toyota Hilux.

Origin of the Name Hilux

The name Hilux was gotten from two English words ‘HIGH’ and ‘LUXURY’. Toyota Hilux is also known as ‘Toyota Pickup’ by many. Toyota Hilux came into existence in March 1968, after 31 years of the establishment of Toyota as a company or a group of the brand. The idea of Toyota Hilux was brought or conceived by Toyota but was developed and manufactured by Hino Motors, Ltd. This is a motor manufacturing brand also.

Since the establishment of the Toyota Hilux in 1968 till date, the product has had its 8th generation as a sub-brand of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Briefly, I will be talking more about the Toyota Hilux, the latest of its kind.

Toyota Hilux – The eighth generation of its kind (the redefined “Tough”)

“Toughness doesn’t just come from the vehicle; it comes from the people inside”-Toyota Hilux History page. Yes! The Toyota Hilux 8th Generation is specifically designed to ride you through the toughest road you could ever think of. The Toyota Hilux 8th generation was made and unveiled in Bangkok, Toyota city, Japan, on May 21st, 2015. It is said to be a total redesign of one of the world’s most known and best-loved ‘by many’ nameplates.

Toyota Hilux is designed in a way that you don’t have to bother about muddy and doughy grounds, not even a rough ground can withhold a Hilux 8th generation motor. Hilux is also designed to give its driver a stress-free ride with long-ride comfort and a very good cabin that allows communication in any conditions, also enhanced cruising range with improved fuel efficiency.

Basic Features of Toyota Hilux (Eight-Generation)

With these newly developed features of Toyota Hilux (eight- generation), going on the next land cruise, adventure trips or general land travel with Hilux should be put into consideration.

Features of the frame and suspension:

These include;

  • Improved safety, comfort, and ruggedness, this due to the enlarged side rail cross section
  • Off road performance and Comfort enhanced
  • Three types of suspension specifications; these include, standard, heavy duty, and comfort. All of these are to make driving suitable in every condition in any part the globe.

Features of the Engine and Transmission

  • Excellency to all rev ranges of torque
  • Improved fuel efficiency, to enable distance I n cruising
  • Less engine noise
  • Fuel efficiency and balanced torque

these are the features that the Toyota Hilux engine features.