Geico Gecko – What is the Geico Gecko REAL NAME?

The Geico gecko, a rare creature among other creatures, is specially redesigned and embraced to help humans save money on car assurance. The Geico gecko rapidly became a force to be considered in the adverting world and was recognized and voted as the American’s favorite advertising icon in 2005. As little as you might consider this friendly creature to be, it has traveled around the globe spreading the good news about Geico and has captivated a lot of audiences, age isn’t a barrier. The Gecko idea all started in a creative session at Geico’s ad agency, the Martins Agency in Richmond, Virginia.

What is the Geico Gecko REAL NAME?

Geico Gecko

The name “GEICO” was frequently mispronounced, as the brainstorming began, a dash off gecko appeared. Previous successful ad campaigns have proven animals to create a strong bond between customers and companies. Considering this, the name “Gecko” came to life and made its premiere during the 1999-2000 television seasons. His consistent gaiety and unbridled desire to meet people, and persistent quest all made him perfectly suitable to help people find outstanding values on insurance.

In his own word, the GECKO said” My job is saving people money. I love my job.”The GEICO Gecko can survive in any environment, as long as he has good company. However, to live a truly fulfilling life, the Gecko must be able to help people save money on insurance. In leisure periods, the Geico Gecko enjoys eating anything fresh, preferably home-cooked and tasty.

He also has an undying love for clams. As GEICO’s ambassador of great customer service and quick rate quotes, the Gecko has been invited to make exceptional appearances at venues all over the country.

What is the Geico Gecko REAL NAME?

The GEICO Gecko’s real name is Martin, named after the advertising agency that created him. He is an animated creature with a Geordie intonation and has over the years been voiced by many actors. This peculiar character is so dear that GEICO is working hard to protect his legacy. They are known to sue competitors who appropriate their “famous and distinctive talking gecko,” especially those that show him behaving in a bumbling manner.

What are the GEICO GECKO Social Media Handles?

If you are a fan of the friendly and cheerful green creature, there is no way you couldn’t possibly make effort to book him up online and get updated about his new commercials. No doubt, this creature is so dear to people, and over the years, people have tried to get in touch with him looking up how to get in touch with him but can’t possibly find his social media handles. Most times have been impersonated by many on social media this is why the Geico company has made a deliberate effort to sue anyone found guilty and protect the good name of this creature. Well, I’ve got you covered on this.

  • Official Facebook>>> @ the GEICO Gecko
  • Instagram>>> @Thegeicogecko, with about 27.8k followers and about 391 posts as at this writing.
  • Tiktok>>> @thegeicogecko, with a blue pass mark attached to his name.
  • Official website @

The GEICO Company happens to be the world’s second-largest auto insurance company around the globe, owned by Berkshire Hathaway. And according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), it has a market share of 13.6% in 2020 and has also ranked as the top biggest auto insurer in the country based on product varieties, prices, ease of application, and its online platforms.