House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you looking for something to do temporarily in USA? If yes, the House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship is one to consider. Presently, there are lots of agencies hiring individuals for house cleaning Jobs in USA.

As a foreigner, now there are over 30,000 jobs available in this section. One of the best parts is that some of these Jobs come with Visa Sponsorship. This means you can apply for Jobs, get them and migrate to the United States to work. What’s more? Follow this article to the end to know everything about House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship.

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Who is a House Cleaner?

A house Cleaner is an individual responsible for obtaining the highest level of cleanliness and neatness around a residential area such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other public areas. Not to be confused with Janitors or housekeepers, House cleaners work strictly within residential areas. They are responsible for cleaning the home. And require good knowledge of chemicals and methods used in cleaning the house.

House Cleaners have their tools and they are mostly found through agencies. But can also be employed privately. In addition, they perform thorough cleanings using their supplies and equipment or the cleaning agency they work for. Housecleaners work according to the times set by the homeowner.

Responsibilities of a Housecleaner

House Cleaners are tasked with different duties and responsibilities. However, here are the basic responsibilities of a House or Residential cleaner

  • Scrub and sanitize all the relevant surfaces
  • Clean surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Dust, sweep, mop, wash floors, showers, tubs, toilets, driveways, and counters
  • Carry out minor maintenance skills such as unclogging sinks and replacing displaced toilet seats
  • Wash floor rags, kitchen napkins, and dusters
  • Taking out the trash cans or garbage
  • Meet with the homeowners to talk about the preferences and expectations
  • Respond to homeowners’ complaints and inquiries in a good and professional manner
  • Inform the homeowner of accidents that may occur during the cleaning process.

The above-listed are the responsibilities of a House Cleaner in USA. So, if you get the House Cleaner Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship, these are the duties you need to carry out.

How Much do House Cleaners Earn in USA?

Based on statistics, the average salary of a House cleaner in USA is $29,250 per year and $15 per hour. Most experienced house cleaners make up to $35,100 per year. While entry-level positions start at $25,350 per year.

Benefits of Working as a House Cleaner in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are lots of benefits that come with working as a House Cleaner in USA. Below are some of these benefits;

  • Health insurance
  • Vision or Life insurance
  • Attractive Salary
  • Employee discounts
  • Paid Vacations
  • Tuition reimbursement

With the help of the Visa Sponsorship that comes with the Jobs, you will be able to migrate to USA and enjoy these benefits and more.

House cleaning jobs in USA with visa sponsorship
House cleaning jobs in USA with visa sponsorship

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Requirements Needed to Apply for House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for House cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship, there are certain requirements you must meet. Below are some of these requirements to expect

  • High school diploma, GED, or similar
  • At least 2 years experience in the cleaning sector
  • Applicants must be able to follow instructions
  • Good knowledge of cleaning techniques and supplies
  • Must be able to stand for a long period of hours
  • Applicants must be able to adapt to changing schedule
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills
  • Reliable and punctual

If you already have an agency to apply to in mind, you can check their websites to know what they require. But in the meantime, the above are the basic requirements to expect.

Where to Find House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are many ways you can find Visa Sponsorship Jobs. First, you can use different online job posting sites.  Secondly, you can contact the companies directly.  But if you don’t have any company in mind, online websites are the best way to use them.  Here are some of the websites or platforms you can use to find a sponsor for your Visa;

Just visit any of these above Platforms and then you can find House Cleaning Jobs of your choice. Most of the Jobs on the websites come with Visa sponsorship, so you don’t have to worry.

How to Apply

The Application process is straightforward. Follow the below guidelines to Apply for House Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship;

  • Visit any of the above websites on your browser
  • Search for the ‘’House Cleaning Jobs’’ using the search engine
  • Set the location to any city in the United States
  • Scroll through the results and check the Job of your choice
  • Tap on the Job once you find it
  • Read through everything about the Job
  • Lastly, Click on Apply and send your CV to the company

If you are lucky with the Job process, you will get the Job offer. Once you get the offer, you and the agency can now discuss the sponsorship contract and payment. If the employer agrees, he or she will now go through the Visa process in the United States. Immediately everything is ready, you would be informed.

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