Slack Zoom – How to Start a Zoom Meeting in Slack | Zoom Slack Integration

What does slack zoom mean and how can I get started with slack zoom? Basic on the fact that Zoom is one of the top leading team communication service or video communication services in the world. While Slack being a business communication service provides you with collaborative software in which you can communicate with people all around the world. Create a joint partnership with Zoom. However, the collaboration with Zoom and Slack helps to build an enhanced feature of team communication.

Slack Zoom - How to Start a Zoom Meeting in Slack | Zoom Slack Integration

Furthermore, the Slack Zoom makes it easy for companies to connect and collaborate easily using the provided tools. This brings a new opportunity for a quick and challenging way in which businesses, organizations, and universities can set up a video conferencing with ease. This is the more reason why Slack partner with the leading video communicating services in the world “Zoom”. With the help of the slack zoom, team members can easily collaborate and also set up a face-to-face meeting. Here are some interesting things to get started with the Slack Zoom.

How to Approve Slack in Zoom Meeting

On the contrary, there are certain requirements you need to fulfill in other to get started with the platform. First of all, you need to connect your video conferencing and Slack account through the same email address. Also, it’s only accessible to members under the following plans Zoom Pro, Business, and Education or API plan.

To Approve Slack in the Video Conferencing:

  • First of all sign in to your zoom account.
  • Then you can search for Slick listing in the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Afterward, you can click the Toggle icon to pre-approve Slack.

Keep in mind, before you can use the feature or to install the video conferencing app to Slack, you need to be an admin to any of the video conferencing accounts you want to use to approve or install the video conferencing app in Slack. Check how you can install the video conferencing meeting app in Slack below.

Steps on How to Install the Zoom App to Slack

Now that Slack has finally approved your video conferencing account as the admin to the account on the Zoom Marketplace. Then, you can install the app on Slack with the permission or approval to add apps to your Slack workplace.

  • Visit the video conferencing app page where you can find it in the Slack app directory.
  • Afterward, you can click Add to Slack.
  • Right from the video conferencing official website, you can select the option Add to Slack.
  • Next, click Allow in other to authorize access to video conferencing to Slack.
  • Open the Workspace and select Zoom under the section of the Apps.

Finally, you can authorize zoom and follow the on-screen instruction to connect your account. However, you can connect your account after the Zoom app has been install to your workspace. All you need, visit the App section, click Authorize zoom and sign in to your Zoom account.