Amazon Instant Video – How to Watch Amazon Prime Video | Prime Instant Video

How can I access the Amazon Instant Video or how much does it cost for Amazon Prime Instant Video? On the contrary, Prime Video which is also identified has Amazon Prime is one of the biggest and reputable, American internet video-on-demand services which is widely spread worldwide. The video-on-demand streaming services is owned by Amazon and offers members of the streaming services with thousands of tv shows and films for rent. Also a selection of Amazon Studio original content or Amazon video content.

Amazon Instant Video - How to Watch Amazon Prime Video | Prime Instant Video

Furthermore, the Amazon Instant video is considered as the Amazon video where you can purchase or rent exclusive videos and also original Prime videos. Moreover, Prime video asides from considering it as a video-on-demand streaming service. It also, a digital distribution network that offers you content and licensed acquisitions. However, the Amazon instant video is only accessible to people inside of the U.S where you can explore newly released movies. Most of the movie’s titles might be unavailable in some locations. That is why you need to access to see more video titles available in your location.

How to Buy and Rent Films on Amazon Prime Instant Video 

Just like I mentioned earlier, Amazon Instant Video is more like a video store where you can purchase or rent movies. However, you can visit the Prime Video store when you want to purchase or rent movies. Use the following tips to buy or rent:

  • Go to
  • This will open the Instant Video page where you can purchase or buy movies.
  • Next, click Store on the main page and scroll down to find movies.
  • Select movies you wish to buy and rent.

During the process of checking out the movies, you want to buy or purchase on Amazon Instant Video. You will be provided with the cost of renting or buying movies. Keep in mind, that not all movies you can buy, and there’s a limit to the time you need to watch the movies when you rent.

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video

First of all, before you can purchase or rent movies on the store or on the Amazon Instant Video. You need to be a member of the streaming services. That way, the movies you bought or rent adds to your watch library on your prime account.

  • Go to
  • Click Start free trial.
  • Fill out your subscription account details.
  • Add your payment to check your account.

For members who already have an account, you can log in to your prime account. Amazon Prime Video app is also where you can watch the movies you rent or purchase from the Prime Video. Keep in mind, after your free trial has completed, you will be charged for $12.99 if you choose to be charged on a monthly basis. But if you considered being as on an annual basis, it will cost your $119 which is $8.99 per month.