How much does Zoom pricing cost or can I use Zoom for free? Lately, businesses and companies are moving into the digital world of communication. Nowadays, interviews, business meetings, and other business purposes are currently done online through the use of a VoIP system. Most of the VoIP systems are used for business and personal use. Likewise, some are integrated into applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and other apps. The Zoom Meeting or Zoom Video Conferencing is a standalone VoIP application that allows you to create a video and audio-conferencing chat where allows a large number of people to join.

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Furthermore, Zoom is one of the leading modern undertaking fact-to-face communication that provides both business and individual with communicating features such as video conferencing features, web conferencing features, and other necessary features needed to create a meeting or interview that best fit your business. However, there are various Zoom meeting pricing plans for business use and also for personal use which comes for free. Check out the various Zoom pricing and available features under each of the Zoom meeting pricing plans.

Zoom Meeting Plans and Pricing for Personal Use

Just like I mentioned earlier, the Zoom meeting is used for business and personal use. In terms of opt-in for personal use, this allows you to set up or sign up for a free Zoom account which you can access certain features on the free plan. However, the free Zoom meeting plans is known as the Basic Plan and it’s best for a personal meeting

Features of the Basic Plan:

  • It allows you to create a video chat of up t0 100 participants.
  • It also offers your unlimited access to 1 on 1 meeting.
  • You can access 40 mins for communication in group meetings.
  • Also, you can enjoy various features under the following video conferencing feature (HD video, video, and more). Web conferencing features (chrome & outlook plug-ins host controls, instant meeting or schedule meetings, and more.

There are other amazing features such as ads group collaboration feature, enhanced security features, and lots more. All the features under the Basic plan are accessible for free and preferable for personal meetings. Keep in mind, the basic plan also comes with a video share where you can share chat with friends.

Zoom Meeting Subscription Cost/Pricing & Plan for Business

Likewise, the Zoom meeting is available for business in various subscription plans that are most preferable for business. This includes the Pro (best for small teams), Business (best for small & med business), and Enterprise (best for large enterprise-ready). However, the list of the Zoom meeting for business comes with different features and costs.

Zoom Meeting Pro ($14.99/mo/host)

  • Included all the Basic features and also 100 participants
  • Also, it offers can access 24 hrs. of communication on group meetings.
  • User management, admin dashboard control, and reporting.
  • Plus, it allows you to create your own personal meeting ID, assign scheduler, and more.

Zoom Meeting Business Plan ($19.99/mo/host)

  • Includes all the features on Pro and 300 participants.
  • It also comes with dedicated phone supports, admin dashboard, and vanity URL.
  • Plus, it integrated with single sign-on, domain management, company branding, and creating an email account.

Zoom Meeting Enterprise ($19.99/mo/host)

  • It provides you everything that’s included in the business feature.
  • Also, the enterprise plan occupies up to 500 participants, and the enterprise plus occupies 1000 participants.
  • It offers you unlimited cloud storage to save all your data.
  • Also, it comes with a dedicated customer success manager, executive business reviews, and, more.

Nevertheless, there more features under the following Zoom plans and pricing. You can visit the link on your web browser where you can see more features and also start with the various Zoom subscription plans and costs.