Skype Enterprise – How to Use Skype for Enterprise | Skype for Business

Is Skype enterprise free and how can I get started with Skype enterprise? First of all, Skype enterprise, known as Skype for Business. Concerning the Skype for Business, we talked more about the development of Skype for Business and how to download Skype for Business on Mac. In the meantime, Skype enterprise which’s also known as Skype for Business in an enterprise instant messaging and communicating tools owned and developed by Microsoft. Learn more about the Skype enterprise and how to get started with Skype for business.

Skype Enterprise - How to Use Skype for Enterprise | Skype for Business

Furthermore, the Skype enterprise is among the service and office app offers in Microsoft Office suite. It’s designed with different communicating tools and features which is also accompanied by Skype for Business server features. During the past years, Skype was one of the top-notches and most widely used telecommunicating app on Android and iPhone. The app used to communicate, connect, and interact with people from around the world in real-time. In terms of business connecting and communicating tools, Skype for Business stands as the most subsequent plan to go for.

About the Skype Enterprise

First of all, Skype enterprise has gone through so many names change which was formally known as Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator before rebranding to Skype for Business. Currently, Microsoft has rebranded the name which will favor the use of Microsoft Teams instead of Skype for Business. The introduction of Microsoft Teams comes as a new cloud-based communicating platform that offers you easy-to-use collaborating tools and communication tools. However, it’s said that the supported devices for Skype for Business Online will disconnect from the internet in July 2021. Like Skype for Business Server 2019 will receive a huge boost through October 12, 2025.

However, Skype for Business or Skype Enterprise is a type of Audio, Video, and Instant Messaging platform. Moreover, there are so many features or advanced features available on Skype for Business to enjoy a more flexible, reliable and enjoyable experience of communicating with co-workers, team members, and colleagues via the internet. Above all, the feature works well with devices that include Windows or PC, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, iOS, and macOS.

How to Start with Skype for Business

Just like I mentioned earlier, Skype for Business, now subjected to Microsoft Teams. However, if you’re already a member of the Skype for Business Online. You don’t need to delete your business account or create another one. With your Microsoft account login or Skype login ID. You can easily upgrade from Skype for Business Online to the use of Microsoft Team which is accessible on Microsoft 365.

  1. Go to on your web browser.
  2. Next, click See plans and pricing.
  3. Compare the following Microsoft Teams pricing plans that include Microsoft 365 Business Basic. Also, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Office 365 E3, and Microsoft Teams Free.
  4. You can sign up for a free Microsoft Teams account or click Buy now to purchase the various plans.

Afterward, you can provide your working or school email address to create a new account for Microsoft 365 Business Free or Basic plan. Also, in purchasing the various Microsoft Teams plan, you can fill out the information as well as your payment & billing method to get you started.