Skype For Business – Skype For Business Online | Skype App

Nowadays, business meetings, interviews, seminars, and others actually don’t require being in person. Most business meetings and interviews most especially are done online with the use of videotelephony platforms. On the contrary, Skype For Business is built for professional use where business owners can set up an online meeting. The platform is designed by Microsoft, as well as it’s integrated with powerful collaboration tools and the process is easy to set up. However, one of the benefits of the platform is that it allows you to connect with your business team to form meeting schedules or more.

Skype For Business - Skype For Business Online | Skype App

As we all known, Skype is basically known for its telecommunication system whereby its main functionality is to provide people with video calling and voice calling features in communicating with people in real-time. The add up of Skype for business provided a special opportunity for businesses to manage meetings online and share different business opinion between the two parties.

Features of Skype for Business

On the contrary, there are different categories of Skype, we have Skype, which is best for home and small business. We also have the Skype Meeting allows you to connect with team members for free, which is up to 10. Lastly, Skype for business is the biggest, because it allows you to add up to 250 member teams and the platform is designed with enterprise-grade security to manage your employee accounts. Some of the features include:

  • An unlimited number of meetings: allows you to add up to 10 people for free without subscription for a plan.
  • URL invites: with the use of personalized inviting team members is much easier.
  • Any device: another aspect of Skype for business includes the accessibility of the platform. It works on different devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad, PC/Mac with the use of the app and web.
  • Screen Sharing: you can connect with different devices in all-one by sharing your screen.
  • Built-in IM: also, the platform is designed with IM which allows you to send instant messages while your business meeting id going on.

These are just some of the highlights of the Skype for Business feature. Lots of amazing features and great collaboration tools come with the platform for you to have an easy business online meeting.

How to Download the App Across Devices

The exciting part about Skype for Business is that the platform is integrated into Microsoft Office 365. Hence, this gives you additional benefits and features to also enjoy other services in Office 365. However, to get Skype for business, you need to subscribe to the Office 365 plan. Moreover, the subscription plan includes the Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, and Office 365 Business Essentials. You can purchase that from the link

To install the app:

  • On your device open the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.
  • Click the search icon at type Skye for Business.
  • Next, click the result of the platform logo.
  • Afterward, click Install or Get depending on the app store you use.

Furthermore, after installing the application, you can start using the app to your benefit. By setting up your Skype account and start making business online video meeting as well as setting up a business interview or conferences.