Restaurant Jobs In Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Restaurant Jobs In Canada – Looking for a Job with Visa Sponsorship? Are you interested in a Restaurant job? If yes, there are a lot of opportunities awaiting you. And these opportunities awaiting you are the ongoing jobs available in different Canadian restaurants. And they are willing to assist you as a foreigner with your Visa sponsorship. So as for you to be able to come over and work. Nevertheless, you are also free to make your choice on the company you would love to work with and apply for it. Meanwhile, how to go about that and all you need to know about a restaurant job in Canada would be shown to you in this article.

However, before you apply for the job. One thing you should know is that getting a restaurant job in Canada would require you to have a work permit. Nonetheless, aside from that, it also requires you to have a visa sponsorship from your employer. Also, with your job offer, you can apply and get your employer-specific work permit. Interestingly, once you have successfully gotten your work permit, you would then be allowed to move to Canada to start work as written in your work permit. Also, be sure to make the people you are attending to (your customers) satisfied with your services.

Restaurant Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2022

Furthermore, there are several available restaurant jobs in Canada that you can apply for. And some of these jobs would be listed for you right here in this article. Therefore, you can see if the job is suitable for you to apply for or not. And you can also endeavor to get the one that is fine by you. Here are some of the available restaurant jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada below;

Tim Hortons Restaurant

  • Restaurant Team Member
  • Designated Trainer
  • Team Supervisor
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

Subway Restaurant

  • Marking Director in Toronto
  • Marketing Specialist

Boston Pizza

  • Bartenders
  • Cook
  • Dishwashers
  • Hosts
  • Supervisors
  • Servers
  • Kitchen Managers

Canada Immigration Services

  • Cook and Foodservice Supervisors

These are some of the different restaurants and the positions that are available there. There are also several other restaurants that you can visit and apply for a vacancy job there. To see these restaurants and the jobs available in them, you can visit and some other Canadian job websites to check out jobs. And make your choice.

Restaurant Worker’s Salary With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

Your salary depends on the position you apply for. And the company you are working in. But overall the average restaurant worker’s salary in Canada is about $35,453 per year or about $18.18 per hour. For a start, the average pay is about $33,726 per year. While most experienced workers make about $36,346 a year.

Skills Required to Get A Restaurant Job With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

To apply for a Restaurant Job in Canada, there are some skills you are required to have. These skills would be listed for you below. So, if you are sure you have them and you are very good at a restaurant job. You can now go ahead and proceed to apply for the job by providing your required details to apply and get employed.  Here are some of the required skills below;

  • Be able to provide customer service
  • The ability to recruit, train and supervise staff
  • Address any customer complaints or concerns
  • Set staff work schedules and monitor staff performance
  • Create, implement and analyze budgets
  • Make plans and negotiate with clients for use of facilities
  • Ensure that the health and safety precautions and followed
  • Plan and Organize the daily operations in the restaurant.

There are other skills that would be required of you. And that would be made known to you by the company or restaurant you are applying for a position in. And whatever skills that would be required of you depend on the job or position you are applying for.

Requirements for Restaurant Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

However, to get the job, some things would be required of you. And they include;

  • Completion of a college
  • Completion of any program related to hospitality or food service
  • Several years of experience in the food service sector
  • Supervisory experience in the food service sector
  • Certification for a responsible beverage service (for managers  in charge of serving alcoholic beverages)

However, these are the basic requirements for the job. Any other would be made known to you by your employer. But with these, you can proceed to apply for the job.