Top 5 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants

5 Trucking Companies That Sponsor Immigrants – Are you an immigrant wanting to work in a trucking company and be sponsored? There are so many trucking companies that sponsor immigrants. And when they sponsor, they take care of necessary financial support for them. So that they can obtain their visas and fly down to the United States to start working. However, without sponsorships, some immigrants might not be able to come to the US to work. So, if you want to work in a Trucking company in the United States and you are an experienced and licensed truck driver. If you need sponsorship, this article is here to enlighten you on the companies that sponsor immigrants. And how to apply for a job there.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many trucking companies that sponsor immigrants. But applying for a job in one of the best companies is very good. Keep in mind that for you to be sponsored by any of these companies, means you are perfectly fit for the job. Aside from that, you must have the skills, character, and also attained education level so as for you to be able to perform the duties the position requires of you. When you have all that is required of you by the trucking company you want to work for. Then you would have no problems getting the job and getting the job’s sponsorship.

Top 5 Trucking Companies Sponsoring Immigrants

A lot of companies that use trucks or require a truck driver need an employee to work for them. So, if you are a good truck driver, you have the opportunity to go to a foreign country and work then be sponsored by the company you want to work for.  The company then sponsors you as an immigrant to make things easier for you financially. And for you to also start your work in that country legally. Here are the seven best trucking companies that sponsor immigrants below;

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt is a company that sponsors job-qualified immigrants. The company is known to be one of the largest freight transportation providers in the whole of North America. In other words, the company is an American transportation and logistics company. And is located in Arkansas. However, as an immigrant under sponsorship applying for the job of a truck driver in this company. You are required to have at least three months of CLDA driving experience before you can qualify for the job. So, once you have that and some other things the company would require of you. You can apply for the job and be sure to get the job alongside sponsorship.

trucking companies that sponsor immigrants – Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is another trucking company that sponsors qualified foreign truck drivers with Visa sponsorship and other financial stuff. The company is also the type that is accurate and timely when it comes to logistics and transportation. Therefore, they would also be looking for a truck driver that would be able to deliver and transport goods on time and safely. And aside from that, before you can apply for the job. You must be up to the age of 21, have earned or are about to earn a class A commercial driver’s license. Lastly, if you are a CDLA Holder, you ought to have no DUI within the past ten years. And if you are no CDLA holder then you ought to have no DUI within the past five years.

Wener Enterprises

Another very good and reputable company that sponsors qualified truck drivers and immigrants that want to work for them is Wener Enterprises. Wener Enterprises is a transportation and logistics leader with over 8,000 trucks, about 24,000 trailers, and also up to 13,000 employees. And it is even one of the five largest truckload carriers in the United States. The company serves the United States, Mexico, and Canada. To work in Wener Enterprises as a truck driver is very possible. All you just need to do is have the requirements and earn up to $75,000 as a professional truck driver. And when you eventually become a top truck driver earn about $85,000. Apply today, and get the job. Not only would you be sponsored but you would also earn well.

Coca-Cola Company

We all know and have heard of the popular Coca-Cola company. Well yeah, it is one of the trucking companies that sponsor immigrants. The Coca-Cola company as we all know is an American multinational beverage company that produces and bottles a drink known as Coca-Cola and some other non-alcoholic beverages. The drink was invented in the year 1886 and since then the drink has been bought by different other wholesale and retail companies. Then a truck driver is needed and used to deliver those products. That is why you should apply for a job here. However, to be a truck driver in those companies, one has to have a Class A CDL, A year and more commercial driver experience, and at least a year of general work experience to qualify.

Navajo Express

Navajo Express is now hiring truck drivers in different countries. And there are even a lot of opportunities given to their truck drivers. The more miles you drive, the better your pay. Before we proceed into the requirements of the truck driving job. Navajo express provides world-class shipping services throughout the whole of the United States. And all freight delivery needs are handled properly by the company. So, if you want to work for the company as a truck driver, you have to be experienced, have a good MVR, credible work history, have No recorded DUI or DWI within the past three years, and lastly, no felony recorded within the last five years. With all that in place, you can go ahead and apply for the job.

You can go ahead and apply for any of these companies provided you have the job requirements. They are willing to sponsor your visa and some other things you would be needing as an immigrant. In order for you to travel down there and start working. Note, you ought to be qualified and experienced before you can be given the job.