The Pinterest business account is free to access Pinterest analytics and other tools that help grow and bring out your professional presence on Pinterest. A business account can also be linked to a personal account so you can always and easily switch between business and personal. There is every probability that you can link up to 4 business profiles to one account.

Pinterest Business Profile - Create Pinterest Business Account

If you are actually creating a Pinterest business account to access an AD account, we will ensure and recommend you to use your main email address and your real name instead of your business name. This helps and ensures advertisers to identify and validate people who have main access to their account.

Categories on Pinterest Business Account

The Pinterest business account is kind of limited when using the mobile app on a mobile device. When using the website on a desktop or laptop the Pinterest categories contain the following bellow;

  • Account basics: It is a systematic process of identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information. The account basics show all users email address and password as was used in creating their account.
  • Profile: it’s where users can view and change their profile pictures. The user can always provide a short description about them.
  • Claim website: this is where you can provide your own website and also claim the site. Users can be able to track how the pins on their site are.
  • Notification: the notification helps users decide if they want to be notified about different activities or not.
  • Home Feed: can be allowed to appear on the user’s home feed.
  • Social Networks: Users also have the right to choose which social network they want to be connected to their account.
  • Security: If the user does not recognize any device or section shown on this space, they can immediately revoke such section in the settings.
  • Apps: all apps that have been downloaded and installed so as to make Pinterest perform better and faster.

In your Pinterest business account, you need to make the account run just the way you want it after you are done with that then you click on the ‘save settings’ to effect any changes. Click ‘cancel’ to revoke any changes and stick to the default settings.

How to Create Pinterest Business Account

However, you don’t want to have your Pinterest business account linked to your personal account, you can always create a personal one on your own.

  • Go to which is the web address.
  • Click the Add+ link located in the top right corner of the Pinterest site.
  • Click creates and Fill the box provided.
  • Select an option from the board category.
  • Determine who can pin to the board.
  • Click the create board button.

Creating an account means you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you accidentally created a personal account but you want a business profile, you can add one so the personal account can access your personal and business profile with a single login.