Are you finding it difficult to Open Hotmail account for your business or personal uses? Initially opening a new Hotmail account may look a little bit deceiving considering the recent rebranding of the email platform to Outlook. On the other hand, it’s actually a really easy process to open Hotmail Account account for personal use. Microsoft has then board owner of the email provider which offers users access to open Hotmail account for free and also access amazing email offers.

Open Hotmail Account - How to Sign in to
Open Hotmail Account – How to Sign in to

Opening a new Hotmail account comes with a big role on social media, the workplace, and even financial tools. Hotmail account permits an interactive section or communication of various features including instant messaging, images, and large documents from one person to another without any cost of payment. Setting up Hotmail email account also comes with a solid interface to help promote your business and also allows people to discover your qualities to the world. Above all, as a secure email account (Hotmail) provides you with great access to Microsoft products with other benefits.

The Reason You Need to Open Hotmail Account

Most important, the reason to Open Hotmail Account with Hotmail offers you a secure Windows Live ID. The Live ID, grant you access to amazing services such as Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, Office 365, Microsoft Word, MSN, and more. Furthermore, you also enjoy the following benefits when you Open Hotmail Account:

  • You allow you tomaintain and organize your mail by creating a special folder. Also allows youto clear up unwanted mail in your folders to enable streamline your accounteffectively.
  • It offers you unlimited storage space and also accesses the OneDrive for more storagecontents.
  • You also get to access features like Task, Calendar and also since your contacts.
  • It enables you to send attachments either image, music, videos of 25MB.

Above all, you can manage and set up your account for easy identification. Also opening the email allows you to upgrade your account to the premium Outlook. Hence, to open an account you don’t need anything except your enter connection to access the Hotmail website.

How to Open Hotmail Account on the Web

Note that opening a Hotmail account is available for free across internet-connected countries. All you need is to just visit the Hotmail website to open Hotmail free email account. Therefore access the simple steps below to open an account.

  • Go to which will redirect you o the new email platform
  • Locate and click the option “create free account” on the middle page.
  • Then enter your desired email format and click the drop-down menu to select
  • Create a strong and ensure the passwords must be at least six characters with numbers and characters.
  • Add your first and last name on the space provided and click “Next”.
  • On the next page select your country/region and your birthdate on the drop-down arrow.
  • Lastly, enter the Character on the middle of the page to indicate you not a robot.

After finalizing and ensuring the provided info are correctly are provided on the appropriate field. Then you can click “Next”, select your language and time zone. Finally, your account will load for a while and after that, your account will open.