Share Outlook Contacts – Sharing Contacts or Contact List in Outlook

Sharing contacts is an important connection carried out in some organizations today, especially contacts between bosses and workers. This function can strictly be carried out by the outlook program, as it has been programmed to do so. Actually, outlook is one of the best places to share contacts as it deals with contacts. In other to Share Outlook Contacts users must have an account with Outlook.

Share Outlook Contacts - Sharing Contacts or a Contact List in Outlook

Sharing outlook contacts simply means enabling two or more individuals to gain access to your contacts, using the same contacts with several individuals and also enabling them to add and remove contacts if they wish to. This process is another important feature of the outlook program that made the program interesting. The best for office workers as users can now Share Outlook Contacts.

Sharing Contacts on this platform is just a minor part of the outlook program; the program can also group contacts, export, and import contacts, accessing email offline, sending email and so many more interesting things that you will discover when you start using the program. Users don’t have to move their contact one by one you can Share Outlook Contacts on other platforms.

Reasons for Sharing Outlook Contacts

There are several reasons why you should share outlook contacts some might be personal but here are some others. The reason to which this feature is needed are as follows:

  • First sharing outlook contacts is very easy to accomplish
  • It create an easy connection between the individuals involved in the connection.
  • Outlook Contacts are quite useful when dealing with business contacts.
  • It makes office connection better and more enjoyable.
  • It enables connected individuals to gain access to an added contact even if it is added just by one person.

Aside from these listed reasons, there are so many other reasons to Share Outlook Contacts, maybe personal reasons or some other reasons that you might find interesting.

How to Share Outlook Contacts

Sharing contacts is very easy to do because all you have to do is to follow attentive everything I am going to be listing below. Steps toward sharing contacts in outlook are as follows:

  • First, you click the home icon, in the share group click share contacts
  • In the rectangular TO box enter the receivers to share the contact with them, you can change the subject box if you which to
  • If you want to view the receivers default folder, all you have to do is to, click the request permission to view recipient’s contact folder box
  • Through this process you can include any message you want to include, just by typing in the message body whatever message you want to include. After typing click send
  • Go through the confirmation box, and if correct or no problem was encountered then you click OK

After that the person you are sharing the contacts with receives the message and can now access the contacts given to him. And that is how you share outlook contacts with other individuals you wish to share it with.