Online Jobs For Ghanaian Students

Online Jobs for Ghanaian Students – There are tons of opportunities online that help promote your skills and even earn money from what you engage in. As a Ghanaian student, these online opportunities help you achieve financial goals from the comfort of your home.

Online Jobs For Ghanaian Students

Moreover, these are jobs that you can easily do despite the heavy workload of studying and being a student. If you are intrigued by knowing more, stick around to learn about the online jobs that you can do as a Ghanaian student.

Best Online Jobs For Ghanaian Students

There will be a detailed list of online opportunities and jobs that you can take up as a student in Ghana. Here are some of the best online jobs for Ghanaian students:


One of the biggest things that is booming in the world of the internet is blogging. Blogging is a great online way to make money, all from the comfort of your home or from being a student.

You will be sharing your ideas and information with the help of a personal website. To get started on your blogging job, you will need a domain name, a hosting plan, niches that you want to explore, and a good delivery of written speech.

Furthermore, you can make money from blogging by using the displayed ads from direct ads from the ad companies or Google AdSense.

Selling of T-Shirts and Mugs Online

Another great online job opportunity is the selling of mugs and T-shirts. Even if you have no prior skill in Photoshop editing, you can still design crafty details on cards, mugs, T-shirts, posters, etc.

Once you’ve designed them, you can start selling on Jiji, Facebook pages, and other reliable platforms. Other websites where you can get creative and sell your designs are Zazzle, CafePress, Threadless, etc.

Opening a YouTube channel

One of the best ways that you can also make money is by opening a YouTube channel. This is another means of making money as a student in Ghana, as you can share information from a chosen niche or you can become a vlogger. Moreover, you have to ensure that you know how to make and edit clean videos and upload them to your channel.

These uploaded videos, in turn, will start making money once you have gone through the monetization process. This means that YouTube will place ads along with your video and then later share about 45 percent of the revenue with you.

Another way that you can earn money through YouTube is through sponsored ads, where you sponsor a brand and get paid.

Online Surveys

A great way to get a little cash from online opportunities without much stress is by taking online surveys. A survey platform will task you with questions about trends or human consumption happening in Ghana, and you will answer them.

Once you are done, you can get paid varying amounts for the surveys you complete. One of the best reliable survey platforms that you can try out in Ghana is Swagbucks. Others include Brand Institute, Cashcrate, Survey Savvy, Triaba, and many more.

Freelance Writing

The difference between freelance writing and blogging is that you get paid instantly when you are done with your freelance writing work.

Blogging will require lots of patience and invested energy to start resulting. But with freelancing, you can write and get paid instantly when you are done.

Furthermore, you will have to follow basic rules, like what your niche will be, enhance your writing skills, and all that. Once you have built on that, you can proceed with finding the right clients for your work.

There are multiple platforms where you can promote your skills and find clients. Some of those platforms include Fiverr, Upwork,, List Verse, Payperhour, and many more.

Data Entry

Many don’t know this, but anyone can earn money by being a data entry officer. As a student in Ghana, you can make money by entering data from various sources into the company’s system for management and processing.

Also, you have to excel pretty well at organizing and foolproofing to ensure that errors are minimal. Furthermore, there are many platforms where you can find such opportunities, like Upwork, Indeed, etc.

Online Reviews

Some companies will pay you money to write reviews about their services or products. While this is going on, you can easily make money by doing the same.

You can begin by registering with a review website and doing research on the products you want to review. Furthermore, you can go ahead and browse through platforms like Jooble, Truelancer, Glassdoor, and so on. This platform pays customers to write online reviews.

Online Trading

If you are into buying and selling online, then you should start working as an online trader. You will be buying and selling digital products with the help of online trading platforms.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for students who want to earn money, as the platforms are available to everyone. Moreover, you can easily trade with financial products like indices, shares, forex, and many more.

Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are opportunities where people or students can easily make money from the comfort of their homes. An even greater advantage of this opportunity is that you will be marketing largely to an international audience.

So, even as a student from Ghana, you can easily work for other companies, organizations, or brands from your home.

Still, it also depends on what your skill set is, what type of job you want, and how you can find it. Finding remote jobs can be done by using platforms like Google, Indeed, and many more.