Zoom conferencing has been a lot of help to a lot of businesses, schools, and organizations. Monash university is one of the good examples of a university that makes use of the Zoom platform. And also, it makes their education easy and has good standard communication. With their staff without looking for a room to use their meeting. The Monash uses the Zoom to communicate and also collaborate with multiple parties. And also, both the internal and also external students.

Monash Zoom - Getting Started with Zoom | Monash Zoom Meeting

 They make use of the Zoom conferencing because it gives users access to broadcast their lectures or meeting to one or more rooms across multiple campuses and external locations. There are a lot of benefits that the Monash Zoom offers. Whereby, it offers them good video, audio, and screen sharing. Furthermore, with good qualities across Windows, macOS, iOS, and other operating systems. You can also install Zoom on your personal device and also install Zoom on the Monash device. Why stressing yourself moving about looking for a room or conference to host your meeting. Why not try the Monash Zoom and enjoy your conference meeting.

Features in Monash Zoom

There are great features, you will find at the top of the page when accessing the site. In addition, the Zoom in Monash has been a great example of the Zoom platform. It makes activity in operating their school program easy. Here are the features you will find at the top of the page in this article listed below.

  • Join a meeting: you can join the Monash Zoom meeting once you click at the join meeting icon. At the top right of the page, and then provide the details required the show to you. Once you are able to fill in the details then you have the access to join the conference meeting.
  • Host a meeting: when you click on the hosting. A meeting page and other extensions like (With Video Off/ with video on) select the preferred one you choose to host a meeting with.
  • Sign in: this will give you access to know more about the Monash and detail/ information you need to know. Before you can gain access you have to get all the information like the ID and password.

With this step given to you in this article, you will be able to know the usefulness of those features and were to click when processing any activity.

How Can You Record a Zoom Meeting

The Monash Zoom is one of the good examples of a university, that makes use of the Zoom platform. It makes their education easy. And has a good standard of communication with their staff without looking for a room to use for their meeting. gives users the access to record any of their conferences meeting on Zoom. Some steps are taken to be successful in the process. Here in this article are some guides that will put you through the process.

  • You have to first login to the Zoom platform https://zoom.us/signin.
  • Then you can now start your meeting by selecting a Meeting. And then click on the type of meeting you want to start by clicking on the blue Start button.
  • Make use of the Record by click on it at the right-hand side of the Zoom toolbar.
  • Now you have to choose your preferred storage by clicking either Recording on the Computer. Or Recording to the Cloud to begin.
  • To stop the recording when done with the conferences meeting, select the Pause/Stop Recording or End Meeting.

Once you carefully read and follow the instruction given to you. Then you start recording your conference’s meeting on the Zoom platform. There are still more things you can do with the Zoom platform. When you visit the Zoom you will find much the site will be a help to your business, school, and organization without given you stress about it.