How can I subscribe to the Zoom business or how much is the Zoom meeting business plan? On the contrary, Zoom is an exciting and powerful way to communicate with people in terms of personal and business level. It’s widely used across various areas of departments which includes large and small businesses, schools, universities, organizations, and more. The Zoom meeting cloud helps you to basically host a meeting, interview, conference, or more for sharing knowledge. There are various plans offers by Zoom in which you can select for the right choice of want you need the VoIP application.

Zoom Business - Zoom Business Plans and Pricing | Zoom Meetings

The Zoom business is one of the selected or available plans that offer you a more reliable cloud platform. Where you can set up a video and audio conferencing, as well as chat and webinars. Initially, Zoom provides members with four convenient plans which include the Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. However, the Cloud Business plans are most suitable for categories of businesses such as Small and Med businesses with an affordable plan. Likewise, under the Zoom Meeting Business plan, you can access amazing features need for small & med businesses.

Overview Features of the Zoom Meeting Business Plan

In the meantime, the Meeting Business Plan is an exciting plan to go for if you run a business under the small & med business. Where you can build a convenient atmosphere to connect with people more than 300 at the same time. Here are the features of the business plans

  • $19.99/Mo/host
  • Come with all Zoom Pro plan features.
  • It also adds 300 participants to the list.
  • Also, offer business plan subscribers with dedicated phone support and admin dashboard.
  • Vanity URL: allows admin to view information starting from all users on the line meeting stream.
  • Manage Domains: you can connect o add users to your account with ease via email address domain of your company.

In addition, there are other interesting features such as Single sign on, Company branding, and more where you can have the best experiences on the platform. Above all, under the pro plan, you also get entitled to Skype for Business.

How to Get Started with the Zoom Meeting Business Plan

If you want to start your business with the Meeting Business plan, all you need are some information and also a payment method to set up your business account. Moreover, the following step helps you in getting started with the Zoom business meeting plan:

  • Go to Zoom pricing and plan page.
  • Under the Business Plan, click Buy Now.
  • Scroll down and click Continue after reviewing the information.
  • Next, you can register for a business account with Zoom and proceed to the checkout page.
  • Enter your payment method to finally create your business meeting account.

In summary, there are other interesting plans in which you can go for that also suit your business presence or level. In case you feel that the Business plan isn’t the right option for your business, you can opt-in for other Zoom meeting plans for your business.