LV Car Insurance

LV, or Liverpool Victoria, is one of the largest insurance brands in the United Kingdom. It has been offering insurance since 1843 when it only sold simple life insurance policies. In 2024, LV will be one of the largest insurers that offers comprehensive car insurance and third-party fire and theft coverage. Apart from its motor policies, this company also offers pet insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance. As a policyholder, you can get a discount if you bundle your LV car and home insurance together.

LV Car Insurance

LV car insurance provides reliable coverage for drivers seeking peace of mind on the road. With this insurer, you’ll find straightforward policies designed to suit your needs without unnecessary complications. Their focus on simplicity means you can easily understand your coverage and feel confident in your protection. Plus, their dedicated customer service ensures you have support whenever you need it, making LV a trusted choice for car insurance.

What Does LV Car Insurance Cover?

Just like I have mentioned above, this insurer offers two main policies: comprehensive insurance and third-party fire and theft coverage.

Third-party, Fire, and Theft

With this third-party fire and theft insurance coverage, you will be covered for:

  • Injuries caused to other people; in case of an accident caused by you, the policy will cover the cost of third-party injury.
  • Fire damage: if your car gets damaged due to fire, the policy will cover the cost.
  • If your car gets damaged in an attempted theft or gets stolen, you can file a claim.
  • Damages done to other people’s property; if you cause damages to other people’s property in an accident, the policy will cover the cost.
  • Manufacturers fit in-car equipment; if your equipment was in your car when the accident occurred and it got damaged or stolen, it will be replaced.
  • Driving other cars: You will be covered if you drive other people’s cars.
  • European cover; you will have the same cover while driving in Europe for about 180 days.
  • Aftermarket in-car equipment; Top of FormIf your equipment fitted in the car was damaged or stolen due to attempted theft or fire, you can file a claim for about £1,000.


With car insurance coverage, you will be covered for almost everything. And this includes third parties, fire, and theft.

  • Accidental damage done to your car: if your car gets damaged in an accident, LV comprehensive insurance has you covered.
  • Manufacturer-fitted in-car equipment; they’ll replace any in-car equipment that was originally fitted when your car was made if it’s damaged.
  • Aftermarket in-car equipment; you can file a claim for in-car equipment fitted in the car when it was made if it gets damaged in an accident, as well as theft and fire of about £1,000.
  • New car replacement: if your car is less than a year old and gets written off, the insurer will provide a similar replacement.
  • Medical expenses; for injuries, they offer up to £250 per person.
  • Personal accident; your accident covers up to £10,000
  • Road rage: if you face road rage or aggravated theft after an accident, you can claim up to £500.
  • Misfueling, windscreen repair, and personal belongings up to £300 are also covered.

Additional Coverage

  • Onward travel: if you can’t drive after an accident, they’ll cover up to £500 for hotel expenses or alternative transport.
  • Key cover: if your keys are lost or stolen, the insurer will help cover associated costs.
  • Child car seats: Even if your child’s car seat looks undamaged, the insurer will replace it after an insured event.
  • Uninsured driver promises: if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver, you won’t have to pay your excess, and your no-claims bonus stays intact.
  • Vandalism promise Plus, if your car is vandalized, LV won’t affect your no-claims bonus as long as you report it to the police.

Apart from the main policies, this insurer offers electric car, multicar, and learner driver insurance. You can add them to your existing auto insurance. There are also several optional extras you can add to your LV auto insurance policy. These include breakdown cover, protected no-claim discount, guaranteed hire car cover, guaranteed hire car cover, and extended personal accident cover. You should visit the LV official website, request a quote, purchase a policy, and add these extras to your policy.

How to Get a LV car insurance quote

To request a quote from this insurer, you can easily do that via their official website. Open your web browser and visit a website. On the first page, click on the “Start a car quote” option. On the following page, enter your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, postal code, and email address. After that, enter the information about the coverage you need.

Once you have entered all the details needed, you will be provided with a quote that matches the information you entered. To purchase this policy, make sure you request quotes from other insurance companies and then compare them. If you are sure that LV offers coverage that matches your needs and budget, then you can go ahead and call them. You will be able to get their contact information on the official LV Insurance website.

How To file for a claim with LV car insurance

If you get into an accident and want to make a claim through this insurer, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure that everyone is safe. If it is fatal, ensure they are taken to the hospital immediately.
  • Make note of relevant information, such as the location and pictures of the damages. Ensure you exchange details if there is a third party involved.
  • Contact your insurer immediately to make a claim. Even if you don’t want to make the claim, make sure you inform the company about the accident. Otherwise, the policy be invalidated.
  • Once you tell the company about the claim you want to make, they will inform you of the next step to take.

When it comes to LV car insurance, there is not a huge amount of choice. With good customer reviews, this company scores as one of the biggest providers in the UK in the UK of all time. With benefits such as a user-friendly online interface, good customer service, add-ons, and discounts, this insurer is the best one to go to.