Bingle Car Insurance

Bingle was created in 2007 under the wing of Suncorp Insurance Group. This online-only insurance company promises to protect your car at a lower cost. Bingle offers both third-party and comprehensive car insurance to its customers. With this online-only insurance company, you can easily manage your policy online, making it convenient for busy individuals.

Bingle Car Insurance

Plus, their claims process is designed to be hassle-free, helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible after an accident. Bingle keeps it simple, focusing on providing affordable coverage without unnecessary frills. Keep reading to the very end to learn more about the comprehensive and third-party car insurance offered by Bingle.

What does Bingle Car insurance offer?

Just like I have mentioned above, this company offers third-party and comprehensive car insurance. Here is what you need to know about them;

Comprehensive car insurance

This is Bingle’s highest level of cover. It helps cover damages to your car and other people’s property or vehicles caused by your car.

  • Comprehensive car insurance covers accidents and mishaps, including theft, vandalism, and damage from bad weather like storms or hail.
  • If you’re legally responsible for damaging someone else’s car, Bingle has got you covered there too.
  • They even extend coverage to your car if it’s used for ridesharing services like Uber, with some conditions, and for learner drivers listed on your policy.
  •  This top-tier insurance plan ensures you’re protected from the costs of damage to your car, as well as any damage you might cause to other vehicles or property while using your car.
  • Damages done to child seats and baby capsules in the car
  • Storage and Towing costs
  • repairs or replacement of your car

To make this policy more foolproof, you can add optional extras. Such as new for old car replacement, windscreen, and Window Glass cover and hire car cover following a car or incident. However, keep in mind that these extras will up the cost of your policy.

Third-Party Car Insurance

This helps to cover only the damages done to other people’s property or car caused by the use of your vehicle. For this policy, your car is not covered.

  • Ridesharing
  • Cover other people driving your vehicle when an accident occurs
  • Legal liability for accidental damages done to other people’s property or vehicles.

What Does Bingle car insurance not cover?

Although the comprehensive car insurance is thorough, there are some things it won’t cover. Some of these things include

  • General wear and tear
  • Roadside Assistance such as dead batteries, breakdowns, and flat tires
  • Physical injuries you caused to other people that do not involve your car
  • Driving your car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Making use of the car when it is not considered roadworthy.

Just so you know, the third-party insurance won’t also cover the accidental damage and loss to your car.

Bingle Car Insurance Perks

This auto insurance company is a good option for people who are on a budget and just want to cover the essentials. Here are some of the perks it offers to its policyholders;

  • Comparatively cheap
  • Good choice for covering the basics
  • A product disclosure statement is very easy to read and understand.
  • New for old replacement for about 3 years
  • Rideshare drivers cover available.
  • Online policy self-service
  • Choose excess

With Bing car insurance, you can lodge claims online. Another good thing about this online company is that there are no cancellation fees.

How to Get a Quote

To get the quote, visit the company’s online website and choose the type of car insurance you want. Provide the details about your car and the people who drive it. After that, provide answers to the quote questions. Once you do this, you will be provided with a quote based on the details you provide. You can also purchase the policy through the online website.

Is Bingle Car Insurance a Good choice?

Well, it might just be the right choice for you. With comprehensive coverage that shields against various mishaps like theft, and vandalism. And bad weather damage, along with protection for other cars if you’re at fault, this online car insurance company offers peace of mind on the road. Plus, they even cover your car for ridesharing and learner drivers under your policy. So, if you’re looking for straightforward coverage that’s easy to understand and fits your budget, Bingle could be the smart pick for your car insurance needs.


How do you lodge a claim with Bingle?

You can lodge a claim with the company online and the process is very simple. Visit the official website, fill out an online form, and lodge the claim. The damages will be assessed, and after that, you can check the status of the claim through the website. You can also choose to update the process by email or SMS.

How do I contact Bingle?

This is an online-only company. You cannot contact them by phone numbers. Their online policy service will give you control of your policy. You can easily update almost everything about yourself in your comfort zone. Visit the policy self-service for everything about paying your overdue installment or canceling. They can also give you answers to your questions at the help center.

Does Bingle offer roadside assistance?

No, the company does not offer roadside assistance coverage. To be covered in case of flat tires or breakdowns, you will need to purchase roadside assistance coverage with another insurer separately.

Does Bingle offer cover for rideshare drivers?

If you use the car as a side hustle, then you will be very happy to know that this company offers cover for rideshare driving. Just make sure it is listed on your policy. You can easily do this when you request a quote or update your existing policy.