LinkedIn Pulse – How to Use LinkedIn Pulse for Business | LinkedIn Pulse 2020

What is LinkedIn Pulse or how can I use LinkedIn Pulse? On the contrary, if you want to build a good business reputation online whereby, you’re looking for how to increase your credibility and also reaching out to a larger audience. Publishing content or post helps you to increase your credibility and also allows a large number of audiences to engage in your content. However, the LinkedIn Pulse serves as an online news aggregation feed that allows you to publish content online.

LinkedIn Pulse - How to Use LinkedIn Pulse for Business | LinkedIn Pulse 2020

Furthermore, LinkedIn Pulse is designed by LinkedIn and it’s known to be a news aggregation feed where businesses and individuals can share content, they created by themselves to their audiences. The feature of the platform includes news stories, blog posts, and also insights. In which businesses and individuals can use to increase the effectiveness of their profile. Plus, this enables you to widespread your reach across targeted audiences. For users to be able to read the LinkedIn pulse article, it’s customized to each individual. This enables users or readers to search for content of interest by using features like Category, Popularity, and lots more.

How to Publish Article on LinkedIn Pulse

Just like I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn Pulse is a new aggregation feed platform and many businesses seize the opportunity to promote content. However, for your content or article to appear on the LinkedIn Pulse, you need to go through publishing articles on LinkedIn. Here are the following steps:

To Create an Publish Article on LinkedIn:

  1. Go on your web browser.
  2. Next, click on the option “Write an article” from the homepage.
  3. This will open the publishing tool.
  4. Next, click on Headline and type the headline to your article.
  5. Click on the Write here and add the content to you want to publish.
  6. You can also add a cover image or image to enrich your content.
  7. Lastly, click publish.

Immediately your article will be published and the will appear on the LinkedIn Pulse. Hence, users can use the search bar and also search filter to find content from reputable professionals. Keep in mind, you can edit or delete your article whenever you want to.

How to Distribute your Content on LinkedIn

One of the major objectives of LinkedIn in terms of publishing content is to provide users with relevant news feed which enables users or members to engage in certain posts concern topics that’s related to their search. Therefore, how well your content can be distributed depending on the quality of your posts. However, you can consider this as a tip on how to increase the distribution of your content.

  • You need to write content that relates well to your audience, which is known as creating an engaging content.
  • The content you need to right should focus and also have impact to professionals based on certain contexts.
  • Ensure you don’t over promote content or being overly promotional.
  • Lastly, you can decide to use hashtags on your post because it help to showcase your article to relevant members.

Above all, you need to edit your distribution settings by editing your profile so that members will be able to engage in your content. Therefore, visit the Settings & Privacy page to edit your profile.