GitHub is considered one of the most powerful and leading software development platforms that provide members with hosting services. The platform is owned by a parent corporation known as Microsoft. GitHub is a collaborative version control of hosting services and it’s an American-based service. However, the major functionality of the services is to provides hosting for software development, and also version control that makes use of the Git. Some of its interesting features include Git Stash, Git Bash, and lots more.

GitHub - What Is GitHub & What Is It Used For | GitHub Sign up

Nevertheless, for over the years, GitHub has been a parent organization of Microsoft Corporation since 2018. The software development platform is integrated with hosting feature that provides you with distributed version control as well as source code management. Above all, the Git also comes with its functionality and also features. Some of the features that provide you with access control and a series of collaboration include bug tracking, task management, and also wikis for every project. However, there are several series of Git plan to go for. But first, you need to know the reason why most big business choice GitHub.

Why Choose GitHub

On the contrary, there are so many reasons why you need to choose GitHub, based on the fact that it’s known to be the world-leading software development. Just like I mentioned earlier, the features of the platform make it stand out among other software development platforms. Majorly, Git is built for developers and it’s set to be an inspiration to your work which ranges from open source to business. This enables you to host and review codes, manage projects, and also enables you to develop software with over 50 million developers. Features of the GitHub includes:

  • Code review
  • Project management
  • Integrations
  • Actions
  • Packages
  • Security
  • Team management
  • Hosting
  • Apps
  • Secure development

However, here is the list of features that make GitHub stand out among the lines of softwares development platform. You can simply, explore the platform to see more tools that enables you to access the distributed version control and source code management by signing up.

How to Use GitHub – GitHub Pricing Plan

On the contrary, there are different ways on how to use Git which includes the Git sign up and the GitHub login. Moreover, GitHub offers you a basic service that comes as a free of charge and also a paid plan where you can access more tools. However, the free Git account plan is majorly used for hosting open-source projects. Here are the Git pricing plans:


  • Access to unlimited public and private repositories.
  • Access to unlimited collaborators.
  • It provides you with 2000 actions minutes/month
  • You get to access 500MB of Git package storage.
  • Above all comes with community support for just $0/month


  • Comes with unlimited access to public/private repositories.
  • Require reviewers.
  • It comes with 3000 action minutes/month.
  • It provides you with 2GB of GitHub package storage.
  • Plus, code owners for just $4 per user/month.


  • It provides you with everything that a team needs.
  • Also, it comes with SAML singles sign-on.
  • Comes with up to 50,000 actions minutes/month.
  • It provides you with 50GB of GitHub package storage.
  • Lastly, advanced auditing for $21 per user/month.

Besides, the biggest plan is the Git One and offers you all the best tools, supports, and services you need. However, to opt-in for the Enterprise and GitHub one plans, you need to contact the Salesperson.

How to Sign up for GitHub

The Git sign up allows you to get started with the platform, and you can go to the official website to sign up for a Git account. Simply, go to and sign up from the homepage. Then, enter your username, email, and password. Finally, you can click Sign up for Git to create your account. If you already have an account, click the Sign in icon at the top right corner of the page and password your GitHub login ID.