Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook – Gmail Contacts

Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook – Sync my Gmail Contacts with Outlook
The Gmail program which is one of the most used email service providers uses contacts to perform it duties. Those contacts used by the email program can further be exported to other programs that require contacts. Programs like Outlook, Excel and other programs that can import contacts.

Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook - Gmail Contacts

To import Gmail contacts to outlook is not the most important function of the outlook program, but just an added advantage to the program. The main function of the Gmail program is to send important messages and documentaries, but the main reason for this article is about how to import Gmail contacts to outlook.

Contacts being one of the most important parts of the outlook program has taken the outlook program somewhere because of the way the program handles contacts. The outlook program performs so many duties when it comes to contacts, and some of those duties are; the program group’s contacts, export contacts to other program just like the Gmail program and also import contacts to use them, manage contacts and so many other interesting things that you will discover using the outlook program.

How to Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook

To import Gmail contacts to outlook is very important and easy because of the steps towards doing it. Steps to import Gmail contacts to outlook are as follows:

  • First open your Gmail account and then click the Gmail icon
  • Click the contacts icon under Gmail
  • Select the more icon and then click export
  • Select the export format which is outlook CSV (to import the contacts into outlook or importing to another program)
  • Then choose export
  • When the next folder appears, click browse, select a location for the for the contacts and also give it a name and then save the file.

And that is the first step towards exporting contacts from outlook. In as much as you can send photos and videos through the Gmail program, does not mean you can export them also. (So exporting photos and videos from Gmail is not possible.)

So next you:

  • Open the Outlook program and then click the file.
  • Click open and export and then click Import/export.
  • Choose the Import from another program or file icon and then click next.
  • Select the comma-separated value icon and then click next.
  • In the import a file box, browse and choose the CSV file you imported from Gmail.
  • Select how you want the outlook program to deal with your imported contacts duplicates and then click next.

Finally, click finish and with this process, you have just succeeded on importing your Gmail contacts to outlook.