Import Email to Office 365 – How do I Transfer my Emails to Office 365

Import Email to Office 365 – How do I transfer my emails to Office 365
Office 365 has been known over the years because of it amazing function that has made the life of office workers easier. The program offers so many functions that have placed it on top, and has been keeping it there.  The program has been discovered to be the most used office 365 program not just because of the functions it carries alone but because it does some performable work for the user.

Import Email to Office 365 - How do I Transfer my Emails to Office 365

Import Email to office 365 is one of the most important things about working with the office 365 program, because of the program makes use of contacts to send messages and also to transfer to other program that requires the contacts.

 Office 365 is very important when it comes to importing to other program, the office 365 program import email easier and faster than other program. Because the owners has been updating and updating the program to make it better and to keep it on top.

The office 365 program performs so many other interesting functions that have taken it to where it is today. The functions it performs are so amazing functions, that it has taken the program to glorious fame and has made the program one of the most used when it comes to working in an office.

How to Import Email to Office 365

To Import email to office 365 is very easy and important when it comes to people who are just using it for the first time. Steps toward importing contacts to office 365 are as follows:

  • First you open the outlook program
  • Then click the file icon in the top left corner of the screen and then click open and export
  • Click the import /export icon
  • Click the import from another program or file icon and then click the next icon located at the lower part of the screen
  • Select the file type you want to import from, types like: either comma separated values (csv) or the outlook data file (.pst)
  • Click on the browse icon and  select the option you want to use either replace duplicates with items imported or allow duplicates to be created or do not import duplicates. But the best option to choose is to allow duplicates to be created
  • Select the folder you would like to import to, give it a name, select import items to the same folder and then click next
  • After that click finish

And that is how you import email to outlook 2013. That was not so hard after all was it