Add Calendar to Outlook – Outlook Calendar

Working with the Outlook program, you cannot miss the outlook calendar. Because it is one of the important parts of the program. To add the calendar to outlook is like adding butter to bread as it most used function is the calendar part of the program.

Add Calendar to Outlook - Outlook Calendar

The program uses its calendar to save appointment and scheduled meetings for its users. The calendar has proven to be the best one of the best functions of the outlook program, because of the way and how it manages it saved appointments and steps to follow while trying to view the calendar which has proven very easy to accomplish.

Important Reasons Why You Should Add Calendar to Outlook

There are several reasons why you should pick the outlook calendar when you want an appointment to be saved and managed very well. Although some reasons have been stated above, there are still more important reasons to do that, and they are:

  • Dealing with outlook calendar, it helps you to keep tabs on all your appointment
  • It enables you to share your schedule with others especially business workers and partners
  • It serves as a reminder to you and your clients, to prevent unnecessary missing of appointment
  • Using outlook calendar saves time for you and boost your productivity
  • It is like having a personal assistant because this reduces stress for you as a user
  • It organizes your daily schedule
  • Changing appointment date in outlook is very easy, and while doing so, it does not affect your schedule if there is enough time
  • You can set a reminder on the appointment listed on the calendar, and can set it to come off 15mins earlier or whatever time you prefer.
  • You can also print the appointment details from the calendar.

Apart from these reasons stated above, there are still several other reasons to add the calendar to outlook. You will discover those reasons when you start using the outlook program.

How to Add Calendar to Outlook

Adding calendar to outlook is very beneficial and easy to do because you just have to follow the steps I will be stating for you below. Steps to add the calendar to outlook are listed below:

  • First, open the outlook program and then click the calendar icon near the bottom left of the outlook window
  • Click open calendar and then from the address book
  • Look for the address book for the calendar you want to add, double-click it and then click OK

Then the calendar would be added to your calendar list in outlook, and you can select it from that location. And that is how you add calendar to outlook.