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The widespread of the email server appears to have affected different countries in Europe as well as parts of the UK and other countries. Yahoo Mail has been of the longest-serving email provider. It was one of the top leading email service providers and as of today is the third-largest web-based email service provider in the world today. The Yahoo UK is one of the located bases of the email service which comes with an official website. If you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, you can easily access and create an account using the Yahoo UK official link.

Yahoo UK - News, Email and Search | Yahoo UK News

The history of the Yahoo Mail goes very long miles and the platform has been active for over 20 years. With over 200 million users makes it the third most populated email service and is currently access to over 70 countries including the UK. Most countries have different content attached to its homepage, and also different URL. But the official Yahoo mail website is

Features of the Yahoo UK

This will just be brief since we all are aware of the basic features integrated on the homepage. The new homepage is attractively designed with colorful stories images. Alongside some of the integrated features such as

  • News
  • Sports,
  • Finance
  • TV + Celebrity
  • Style
  • Movies
  • Weather
  • And also, the search engine.

Without even opening an account or signing into the page, you can access all this feature and even make Yahoo as your homepage. From the homepage, you can access the latest story update from the mention above features and also the Yahoo mobile app.

How do I get a Yahoo co uk Email Address?

Many people are still asking the particular question if the can get the email address. At first, the domain name of an email address usually depends on the location and language where the account is been created. But now all email address ends up with the domain name extension Therefore, creating an account with another domain name other than the name Yahoo domain is unacceptable. That brings us to how can you set you an email address in the UK:

  • From a secure web browser link on this link the to access the official Yahoo UK website.
  • You will see the “sign in” icon at the top right of the page, click on it
  • At the same time, once you have accessed the login page, you can also click on the option Create account.
  • Following the procedures to set up your Yahoo UK email address.

On the contrary, one way you can identify that you’re on the right track is that at the top of the right corner when you first accessed the page you will see the UK flag. From that same page, you can also log in your email account.