How to Insure a Holiday Gift

I’m sure you didn’t know you could insure your holiday gifts. Whether it’s a valuable gift or not, you may like to insure your holiday gifts. The holiday season is that time of the year when gifts and treats are well known to be given and received. It’s that time of the year when we get to exchange gifts with families and friends.

How to Insure a Holiday Gift

However, well-wrapped gifts most often attract the wrong attention, and for this reason, some insurance policies are created to handle this type of situation. During the holiday celebration, crooks are on their toes to swipe your gifts. They hang around looking for gifts to steal, but getting your gifts insured gives you peace of mind if ever your gift gets stolen.

Can I get a Holiday Gift?

Most home insurance comes with policies that cover new purchases, acquisitions, possessions, and also gifts. Even without informing them, all your possessions get covered if they are ever stolen or lost. However, you can insure a holiday gift as well as any other valuables you own.

What Type of Insurance Secures My Holiday Gift?

Every homeowner is required to get homeowner insurance coverage for their homes. This insurance covers everything in the home, including your holiday gift. Homewares, tools, and even electronics are all covered under the homeowners’ insurance policies.

If you are not a homeowner, you can also insure your holiday gifts under your renters’ insurance policy. Every renter is required to get a renters insurance policy to cover their homes, and this coverage also covers your holiday gifts.

What Holiday Gift Can I Insure?

Whether it’s valuable collectibles or priceless jewelry, you can insure them under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. It doesn’t matter what type of holiday gift you receive; you can insure it. Some of the types of holiday gifts you can insure include:

  • Furs: whether it’s a real or fake fur jacket, hat, or any other you receive, your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy offers coverage for it.
  • Electronics: electronics like TVs, telescopes, cameras, video recording equipment, laptops, and any others are covered under your already existing renters or homeowners’ insurance.
  • Jewelry: all your jewelry is covered under your homeowners or renters’ insurance policy.
  • Fine Art: Art is a very important and valuable collectible. Under your insurance policy, your fine arts are covered.
  • Coins or stamps: irrespective of their values, your coins or stamps are all covered under your insurance policy.
  • Sports Goods: As a sports lover, I’m sure you will like to protect your sporting goods. Fortunately, they are also covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Musical instruments: guitar, piano, violin, and any other instruments are not exempt from insurance coverage.

Crystals, tools, silverware, and many more are also included in the coverage of the homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies, depending on which you are under. All you need to do is ensure that a copy of everything relating to your gift, such as the serial number, value, purchase date, detailed description, and picture of your new holiday gift, is kept with your insurance policy in a safe location.

Are Gifts Stolen from my Home covered by Insurance?

Thieves may decide to steal your holiday gifts from your home, especially when they are aware that there’s something new and valuable. Burglars are most likely to operate at night to steal your holiday gifts, and most of them operate in the daytime. You may need to get coverage for your gifts if this ever happens. Aside from getting homeowner or renter insurance, some coverages under them cover your holiday gifts.

  • Personal property coverage: this coverage makes payments to replace the stolen items.
  • Dwelling coverage: this pays for the damage repairs to your home in a break-in case.
  • Other structures coverage: the payment for the repairs to detached structures is covered by this coverage.

With this coverage, you can rest assured that if anything happens, you will be able to recover from the damages or losses. This is another reason why you should get a homeowner or renter’s insurance policy.

Does Home Insurance Cover Porch Pirate Theft?

A porch pirate is a type of thief who swipes packages outside your front door. These kinds of theft mostly occur to online shoppers, and most people shop online rather than in-store. Home insurance covers all thefts of your personal property, and this includes theft from your front door. Unfortunately, you will need to provide proof that it was delivered and stolen. If it is stolen during shipment, your insurance will not cover such a situation; instead, it will fall on the sender.