How to Find My iPhone – Find My iPhone App

How can I find my iPhone or can I locate my iPhone? This actually has been one of the relevant questions mostly asked by millions of iPhone users who have lost their iPhones. However, in other to resolve the conflict and reducing the rate at which young users lost their iPhone. Apple Inc. introduces an amazing service known as Find My iPhone to help millions of people from around the world track down their iPhone when the users indicate the iPhone as stolen or lost. In this article, we will show you how to find my iPhone using the service.

How to Find My iPhone - Find My iPhone App

In general, how to Find My iPhone is feature or application integrated on iOS 8.0 and later except the iOS 13 which as upgraded to Find My app. Just like I mention, Find My iPhone is one of the services Apple provides to all users of the various iOS device, Mac, AirPods, and also Apple Watch to track down their device using remote location. You can find the feature on the iOS and macOS devices to track the location of your device within the app or the iCloud website.

How to Find My iPhone Using the

First of all, the feature of Find My iPhone app that allows you to locate your device make use of features such as Lost Mode, Play Sound, Erase iPhone and other interesting features as well. Each of the features performs different functions. You can find more about the feature when you explore the website. However, to find your iPhone:

  • Go to on the web.
  • Then enter your Apple ID on the text box.
  • Afterward, you can select your device to check out the exact location on a map.
  • Then you can apply the action following action such as:
  • Lost Mode: to create a password that only you can access.
  • Play Sound: also, to create a disturbance sound.
  • Erase iPhone: to remotely clear all your device information.

However, you can apply other actions you see while recovering your iPhone back. Keep in mind, the same application can be used while using the Find My app on iOS device. Another thing is that when you share your location with your family member this makes it easier to locate your device.

How to Install the Find My iPhone app

Keep this in mind, not all iOS device comes with the application especially iOS 8 and the other version doesn’t have the application. Therefore, it’s recommended that users visit the App Store to download the application for free. But starting with iOS 9 the application is already pre-installed on the operating system.

Without stress, go to your app store>Search for the application> click the search result and then click get. Note you might be prompt to provide your Apple login credentials in other to install the app. Afterward, you can then open the Find My iPhone app to follow the necessary steps to set up the application to find your lost or stolen iPhone or even your friend iPhone.