Is Rocketmail still around? How do I access the Rocketmail sign in account? However, many people are still debating whether Rocketmail and Yahoo mail are actually the same. Rocketmail was once one of the first major free email services provider or webmail services on the internet. Four11 Corporation developed the email services and during that time, RocketMail battle with the like of Hotmail on the number one spot of the top email services provider in the world. In 1997, the email services provider was acquired by another platform known as Yahoo for $92 million.

RocketMail Sign In - Rocketmail Email Account Login

On the contrary, RocketMail sign in is a login portal provided by the free webmail services where you can enter your Rocketmail log in credentials to have authentication to view new email, organize your inbox and others. However, the free webmail service is been discontinued from the internet and access to your account can be done through the Yahoo sign in portal. In other words, signing in your Rocketmail account is accessible on Yahoo, but you can no longer create an account.

Steps to RocketMail Mail Sign in on Yahoo

In the meantime, when signing into your account, you can make use of the Yahoo login portal. Or you can also visit the official website of RocketMail which will then redirect you to the same Sign in to Yahoo Mail web portal.  

To sign in RocketMail account:

  • Go to on the web.
  • Then, sign in to your RocketMail account on the redirected page.
  • Simply, enter your email address and click Next.
  • Next, you need to provide your RocketMail password linked to your email address.
  • Lastly, click Sign in, but before that, you can click Stay signed in.

That’s it. Once the procedure is successful, you can then view your personal information and organize your email as well. At any time, you can access your account with your RocketMail ID, and also use the procedure to sign in on the Yahoo Mail app.

Can I Create a New RocketMail Account?

On the contrary, during the time when Yahoo assimilated the free webmail services, people where still able to create an account. Whereby they could either choose one of the domain names to create an account. However, the webmail wasn’t fully transited to the fullest of the Yahoo mail. That time, they were not guaranteed that you can access or create a Rocketmail account or ID on the Yahoo mail.

Therefore, users could choose to create an email address in the form of this “username.rm”. But the only thing was that users could still use their email address and also enjoy the benefits as all Yahoo users. In 2008, Yahoo gains full control over the RocketMail allowing new users to be able to create an account under the RocketMail domain name. But in 2018, Yahoo stopped the process of create an email account with RocketMail but existing user can still access their account from the Yahoo Mail Sign in portal.