Google Hangout – How to Use Google Hangout | Google Hangout App

A part of social media websites that allows users to chat, send, and receive photos to a fellow hangout user. Also, it is a cross-platform messaging app or website created by google and mainly part of Google+. As of 2013, hangout wasn’t a feature of the Google+ produce instead became a separate application. At the same time, in 2017 Google started introducing new features into the Hangout from Google+ and also Google Talk.

Google Hangout - How to Use Google Hangout | Google Hangout App

The main thing googles created in Hangout is to communicate through the web. Not only people around you, but you can also chat with people from anywhere in all over the globe. Hangout has two major primary products: and it is now part of the G suite line of product. Google has started advancing google voice, it’s IP telephony product, and the two major primary product are Google Meet and Google Chat. According to Google, hangout is created to be the future of voice. In June 2020 Google suggests to transition users to meet and chat


Google hangout approved chatting with two or more users. Users can visit hangout online through Gmail or hangout websites, also you can get the mobile apps available for android smartphones. Histories of Hangout chat are saved on Google. Allowing hangout to be synced between two or more devices. Color emojis symbols are available in their message.

In the previous Hangout, people using hangout can also video chat with 5 to 10 users at a time. 25 concurrent users in an HD video for Work / Education was advanced by Hangout in 2016. Google has created a new Hangout such that recognizes as Google voice number to some extent. Therefore, in 2014 integration was first expected but was established in 2016.  The embellishment of integration was delayed because it was tied to google switching apart from the XMPP protocol it started with, as mentioned above.

Users on hangout are allowed or approved to make free voice calls to other hangout users, and it charges users (through pre-registered credit) to make calls to landline and mobile phones internationally aside from call to the united states and Canada which are free of charge. Recently, user with android must download both Hangout and Google Dialer apps if the users wish to call a landline or mobile telephone numbers through the network.

How to Log-in to Google Hangout Account

Before you can send, receive or chat on hangout you have to sign in or Login first  to hangout if you’ve created an account in the past. Signing in to Google hangout turns on your active status on another person’s hangout account who have you as a recipient

  • Enter on your smart phone or Pc browser or open in Gmail
  • Fill you Gmail account Information
  • Click sign in. In Gmail, on the left, click sign in

After following these steps, then you have access to send and receive messages from any other google hangout users.

How to Sign up for Google Hangout

Signing up for Hangout makes it easy for other users to search for you through the email you create when signing up for Hangout. Below are the steps on how to sign up for google hangout.

  • Enter on your smart phone or PC browser
  • Select create an account for my self
  • Fill out your information’s correctly
  • Verify your phone number and click I’m in

The email you created when signing up is your login credentials to your Hangout account. Make sure you don’t forget it because if you are missing a single word you won’t be able to login. After following these steps, that simply means you have created an account so you can now chat another user on Google Hangout.