The internet consists of so many activities ranging from various websites, applications platforms, and so on. The MSN home page is not left out of the big picture because; it holds so many features and activities in it. There is more to just knowing the MSN homepage but to explore its features and content. MSN homepage gives users access to a wonderful email service platform experience. For users who want to explore the MSN homepage can do so by typing the URL

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Users can actually do that from their pc, mobile devices, tablets, and pads. Good news for all internet users, it’s interesting to inform you that accessing the MSN homepage don’t actually mean users most have the MSN mail account. By just typing in the MSN website address in any internet web browser of your choice, Users can have access to some MSN features like uploaded recent news feeds, the MSN search engine and lots more.

Importance of the MSN Home Page

The home page provides users with exciting features like recent news update feeds.  As we have mentioned before. Users can access their social media platforms services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype from the home page directly. When login their account details. There is a weather forecast feature on the home page where you can check on weather situations around your area. This forecast shows statistic on a daily basis on weather, humidity, temperature and even map location.

Features of the MSN Home Page

There are so many amazing features, applications and social platforms one can find in the MSN home page. This can be accessed by users who enter the website. Most especially users who have the MSN/Outlook mail account.

  1. The search engine caption bar, just at the top middle of the homepage. Which users can use to search for anything they want, to gain information.
  2. Users can still find the outlook mail platform app in the home page. But this feature in the MSN homepage can only be accessed fully by users who already have the outlook mail account. So you need an account on the msn/Hotmail/outlook mail account. Any user who has any of that account can gain full access to the outlook mail service platform.
  3. We still have the Skype, Facebook, Twitter social media platform on the homepage. This means users can actually link their social media platform accounts with the social platforms on the MSN homepage for easy access.
  4. Microsoft store app is one amazing feature found on the homepage too. It gives users to a large variety of online applications and other things. Users can download and purchase from Microsoft app store.
  5. Users can make use of the office feature on the home page. To see their recent documents, saved files and as well create one too.

Then lastly on features let’s talk about the one drive feature at the right end of the MSN homepage. These features require the user to log in to their mail account to gain access. Here the user can find file documents, saved pictures, and lots more.