Employment Insurance – Apply for Employment Insurance | Employment Insurance Benefits

Employment insurance (EI) is a program that provides income support to unemployed workers while they look for jobs or upgrade their skills. However, the EI program also allows special benefits to workers who take time off work due to specific life events. Such as illness, pregnancy, critically ill, or injured, every worker receives Employment Insurance only if they are paid at a premium in the past year. Or have met the qualifying and entitlement conditions which Self workers. They are highly welcome to participate in the EL program to receive their special benefits.

Employment Insurance - Apply for Employment Insurance | Employment Insurance benefits

The Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) is one of the most important sectors and has a leading role in the EI program. However, the CEIC set an annual premium rate for the EI program. Which gives the eligible users to get their payment and services. Also, they stand to help Employment Insurance clients through every stage of applying to get eligible and receive their claims. To be eligible for the EI depend on where you live and what kind of benefits you apply. This is temporary income support for unemployed or self-employed to set up or look for work while you cannot work.

Do I qualify for EI Benfits?

Before you qualify for EI benefit you need to be eligible for most of all of the benefits in your country. However, you must have worked the required number of hours in your state and must have worked these hours within the last year. Also, these hours are usually 420-700 hours which depends on the unemployment rate in your state and area. With the basic step, the employer deducts an Employment Insurance amount from your Paycheque. Which is a way to pay into the EI program.

How do I apply for employment insurance?

To apply for employment Insurance benefits you must apply online as soon as you lose your job which you don’t need to wait to have your record of employment letter to start applying. However, you will need your Social Insurance Number and some other documents to start your application. Also, you must apply within 4 weeks of your Final day at work which wouldn’t delay your benefit. Here are a few steps on how to apply for EI program;

  • Launch a web browser on your mobile device or Desktop computer.
  • Go to www.canada.ca/en.htmlAt the homepage click on Benefits and wait for the next page click on Employment Insurance.
  • The next page will require your Benefits from several ones. Clicking on Benefits for the self-employed then click on apply to input the details required.

To claim your Employment Insurance, you need information about your most recent job such as Salary (Total earnings before deductions tips). However, the platform gives you 55% of your previous income up to a maximum of %562 per week.