How can I login to Google Classroom? Google Classroom is a platform that allows teachers and students to think and work. It also allows teachers to manage all the documents their students need. To login to Google classroom is very easy and simple to do. That is because teachers can add students or share code with the class to join.

Classroom Login - How to Sign in to Google Classroom

To join or log in to Google classroom, you need an email address. Once you have the email address you have done that you are good to go. And also, you can make use of any device to log in to Google classroom Furthermore, the Classroom is supported by Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The App is also available on both Android and IOS devices.

 If you are using Classroom at school or university with students, you must sign up for the ‘’Google Workspace for Education’’ before you can log in to Google Classroom. If you are a student, all you just need is the code and you can join Classroom easily.

Google has created a very easy way to login to Classroom. Do you want to log in to Google classroom but you do not know how? Worry not because that is what this article is aimed at.

Google Classroom Login

Just like I have stated above, logging in to Google Classroom is very easy and simple to do. Be sure you have an Email account because without it you cannot use Google classroom. Below is how you can log in as a student and as a teacher on Google classroom.

How to Login As a Teacher on Google Classroom (Create a Classroom);

  • Open your browser or the app
  • On your browser, search for
  • Sign in to your Google Email account
  • Enter the required information to create the class such as Section, class name, Subject and Room
  • Click on create.

You can now give the code on the Google Classroom to your student to join or login too. However, with the above, you can successfully create a Classroom on Google anytime you want for students.

Google Classroom Student Login (Join a classroom)

  • Open your browser or app.
  • On the browser, search for
  • Sign in with your email address and password.
  • On the next page click on Join Classroom.
  • Enter the class code given by your teacher on the blank provided space.
  • Now click and join the classroom.

With the above, you have successfully login to Google classroom. You can now see that it is very easy to log in. Now you can set up the classroom, join to get your schoolwork done in a very easy way. With Google Classroom, you can make use of any device of your choice to log in and study. So, what are you waiting for?  Login to Google classroom today and get your schoolwork done immediately.