PayPal Donate – Start Accepting Donations With PayPal

PayPal is one of the most reliable payment services that make payment easy for people to do. Instead of waiting in line at banks to be able to make withdrawals, you can just use PayPal to do so just by making payments through it directly. Anyway, as we might have known, PayPal also allows you to also create a business account and handle all your business payments. But do you know that you can also donate money to charity through PayPal? Well, you can.

PayPal Donate - Start Accepting Donations With PayPal

PayPal has added a donate button to their platform to allow you to donate money to charity. This feature is another reason why people are using PayPal to make donations easy for them to do. PayPal has decided to give people easy ways to donate money to charity by adding a donate button to its website. Thus, allowing registered users to receive donations via PayPal, or debit and credit card.

Furthermore, this donate button PayPal has added has made a lot of things easy for its users to do. Instead of going to a charity office to donate or going to a bank to do so, you can just do that on PayPal by clicking on the donate button and deciding the amount you want to donate, and then PayPal will handle your payments.

PayPal Donate Buttons

PayPal Donate buttons are the new features of PayPal to make donations to a charity faster and easier to do. To be able to use the PayPal button, you will need to set up your PayPal donate button. Here, I will be showing you how to set up your donate button.

  • Go to PayPal donate button page.
  • Select a button style.
  • Erect donation page.
  • Now customize your donation details.
  • Erect payment page.
  • Make use of your donation button.
  • Finally, manage donate button.

After this procedure, you can click on the donate button to donate anytime you want. When next you want to donate, you do not need to set it up again instead just go to your website to donate.

PayPal Donate Fees

Basically, PayPal donate button is free. But there is a certain amount you give to charity each month time you click on the donate button. You pay $0.30 for every donation you make but a nonprofit donation. However, most donations are expensive but some of them are not. These fees are your donations to charity.

PayPal Donate Link

On the contrary, to be able to donate through PayPal, you can decide to use their web link to be able to donate. This makes things faster for you. But if you have the app already, you do not need to go to the website. Instead click on the donate button on the app. to be able to donate online through the PayPal donate web link, you will need to do to and then you can now click on the donate button.