Care Assistant Jobs with Tier 2 Sponsorship – Urgently Needed

Care Assistant Jobs with Tier 2 Sponsorship -How do I get care assistant jobs with Tier 2 sponsorship? If you aren’t aware, don’t fret because in this blog post I will enlighten you about it. If you are a foreigner who dreams of working and living in the UK, you are in luck because, lately, there has been a high demand for care assistants in the UK. Care assistants in the UK earn about $9.50 hourly and they earn $22,346 as their annual salary.

If you have compassion for people, you can apply to some of the companies recruiting care assistants. Some of these companies offer tier 2 sponsorship. The United Kingdom government has eased some of their visa requirements to enable foreigners who want to work as caregivers to be sponsored into the UK.

Additionally, the United Kingdom is a land of opportunities for people. It has some of the world’s top companies, high-paying jobs, and lots of opportunities for people. There are a lot of workforces in the UK that are lacking and need people to fill them, and most care assistant jobs offer tier 2 sponsorship, which employers use to recruit skilled immigrants to work and live in the UK.

Furthermore, applying as a care assistant comes with its perks. Not only do you get to live and work in the UK, but you also get additional benefits such as a permanent visa after 5 years of service, a very attractive salary, and the opportunity to learn about a new culture in a foreign country.

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Who Are Care Assistants?

Care assistants provide care and attention to certain people who need their help. Also, they help people who can’t do their day-to-day activities. They offer care for the sick, mentally disordered, or elderly.

The job of a care assistant is to assist people by feeding them, giving them their medication, and helping them in other areas where they need their help. A care assistant provides care and support to their client.

Responsibilities of Care Assistants

Care assistants are responsible for offering care and support to people. However, other responsibilities of care assistants include;

  • They provide personal care to clients.
  • They help their clients with personal care chores, which include dressing, eating, washing, and toileting.
  • A care assistant motivates their clients to partake in social activities.
  • Follow their clients to medical appointments.
  • They ensure their client’s house is well kept.
  • Care assistants must be able to commute between locations to tend to their clients.
  • They make sure that their clients are in good health.

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The Benefits of Applying for a Care Assistant

 Meanwhile, there are lots of benefits for care assistant jobs with Tier 2 sponsorship. From the attractive wage to the insurance policy and a permanent visa after 5 years of service, some other benefits include:

  • Free medical training to progress in your career.
  • They have flexible work hours—they can decide when they work and how often they work.
  • A bonus of $250 when you recommend a friend.
  • An attractive annual salary
  • Insurance coverage
  • Free travel tickets.
  • They also get a pension scheme.
  • A paid leave
  • Care assistants get free uniforms.

And many more. Foreigners who successfully secure care assistant jobs with Tier 2 sponsorship can access the above benefits.

Care Assistant Jobs with Tier 2 Sponsorship - Urgently Needed

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Requirements to Apply for Care Assistant

Before foreigners can apply for a care assistant job, they need to get familiar with the basics of the job and meet the relevant requirements.

  • The applicant must be respectful.
  • You must know how to communicate well with people.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English.
  • They must have an excellent work ethic and pay attention to details.
  • The applicants must have compassion for people.
  • They must have work experience of at least 6 months.
  • A valid driver’s license to drive in the UK

After meeting all the requirements, you can go ahead and find a home care agency that is willing to recruit care assistants from different parts of the world and support them with a tier 2 sponsorship.

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Jobs available for care assistants

Due to the rise in demand for care assistants, immigrants who wish to work and live abroad can apply as care assistants and get supported through a tier 2 sponsorship. Here are some of the care assistant jobs with Tier 2 Sponsorship;

  • Personal care assistant
  • Health care assistant
  • Home caregiver
  • Female care assistant
  • Health care assistant children services

In addition, you can search for jobs through job listing sites and apply through their company website. you can also search for home care agencies that sponsor immigrants through a tier 2 sponsorship. if you are wondering what agency recruits care assistants, fret not, because Nouveau care is recruit care assistants and nurses

Where can I apply for a care assistant job that offers tier 2 sponsorship?

If you are wondering how to apply for Care Assistant Jobs with Tier 2 Sponsorship, read through this part of the review. Meanwhile, care assistants are hired by home care agencies. Finding one that offers tier 2 sponsorship as an immigrant can be a little difficult. Nevertheless, you can still secure a job. If you are curious about which home care agency hires foreigners, check below.

Nouveau Care

They are located in Norwich. This home care provider has been offering top-notch home care services since 2015. They are highly experienced in providing care for specific people such as people with stroke, dementia, and other issues. They recruit nurses and care assistants from different parts of the world and sponsor their travel to the UK.

Along with the tier 2 sponsorship, you also get flexible work schedules and an attractive salary. While working with Nouveau Care, foreigners can earn up to $10.0 hourly.
To apply for a care assistant’s job through Nouveau Care, you can visit their official website and fill out the application form. Applicants must provide their basic personal information and meet all relevant requirements to be eligible for the job post with sponsorship.