Jobs in Malta With Visa Sponsorship – Urgent | Apply Now

Do you know that in Malta, thousands of foreigners are recruited for jobs with visa sponsorship and they earn up to $25,00 – $40,000? Currently, there is an increase in the availability of jobs in Malta, and there are lots of job opportunities. This is the perfect time for people who want to live in the country, to apply for a job and get sponsored into the country. Presently, immigrants in Malta earn about $2,000 per month.

In addition, Malta is a great place to live. The country has one of the best economies in the world, with a low cost of living and favorable conditions for working in the country. They also have an excellent security system and a high-quality education system. All these make Malta a favorable place to migrate to.

Furthermore, if foreigners want to live in Malta, they need to find an employer that offers them a job, and then they can start processing their visas. Your accommodation, travel, and other costs will be covered by your employer.

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Jobs in Malta with visa sponsorship and their salaries

Certain jobs are available for foreigners in Malta. However, these job offers with visa sponsorship are offered to the best candidates and cover the travel and accommodation costs as well as other expenses. Here is a list of jobs available for immigrants in Malta:

  • Cleaner – Annual salary of $9,507
  • Receptionist-Annual salary of $27,120
  • Mechanical engineer-Annual salary of $50,640
  • Field service engineer-Annual salary of $51,480
  • Real estate agent—Annual salary of $33,267
  • Sportsbook Commercial Relations Manager—Annual salary of $31,089
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst-Annual salary of $56,880
  • Senior Back End developer -Annual salary of $50,000
  • Anti-money laundering analyst—Annual salary of $37,920
  • Product support engineer—Annual salary of $33,046
  • Senior content manager—Annual salary of $29,661
  • Content & social media coordinator-Annual salary of $ 23,416
  • Marketing manager—Annual salary of $40,200
  • Factory worker –Annual salary of $13,445
  • Security guard-Annual salary of $ 14,162

These are the jobs and their annual salaries. You can apply to any of the companies providing these jobs that offer visa sponsorship. If the jobs listed above aren’t what you like, you can go to a job listing site like or to find jobs.

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What Are the Benefits of Working in Malta?

On the contrary, Malta is one of the happiest countries to live in. With high-quality education, free health facilities, and a favorable climate. The quality of living in Malta is very good and this gives more reasons why foreigners would want to work and live there. Here are some of the benefits of working in Malta:

  • Flexible work schedule: In Malta, employees get to work for 40 hours each week for five days, and they get 25 days of leave each year.
  • Several leave benefits are available, such as maternity leave: pregnant employees are entitled to 2 months of paid maternity leave, and they can request another 4 weeks of leave, but this time it is unpaid.
  • Parental leave: both male and female employees are entitled to a four-month unpaid leave when they put to bed or adopt a child. This leave is valid until the child turns 8 years old.
  • Attractive salary: in Malta, employees get to enjoy an average salary of 4,600 Euros. Workers’ monthly salaries range from $1,170 to $20,600 which includes transport, accommodation, and others.
  • Employees enjoy social security benefits. In Malta, it is in their constitutional act to provide several benefits to their citizens, including child care benefits, unemployment benefits, pensions, and medical aid. Employers and employees must pay 10% of their annual salary to access all these benefits. This pays for the social security cost in the case of unemployment, sickness, pension, injury, and childcare.

In addition, public health care services are easy to access for people living in Malta. However, people have to pay 10% of their annual salary to access all these benefits. Working in Malta will allow you to learn about a new culture and have a wonderful experience.

Jobs in Malta With Visa Sponsorship - Urgent | Apply Now

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Requirements for a job in Malta

Meanwhile, foreigners looking to secure a job in Malta must first meet all the necessary criteria before they can apply. Without these requirements, foreigners are not eligible to work in Malta and access all the benefits of the country. Here are the requirements an applicant must meet:

  • Have a valid passport.
  • An applicant must complete their visa application form.
  • They must provide a letter showing the reason why they want to travel to Malta.
  • Applicants must provide two passport photographs.
  • Proof of medical insurance.
  • The candidate must provide proof of accommodation.
  • Applicants must have a job offer from an organization in Malta.

Once all these requirements are met, you are eligible to apply for a job in Malta. After successfully securing a job with visa sponsorship, foreigners should get a work permit from the government of Malta, to be able to work and live in Malta.