Best Magnetic Window Cleaner – What is a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

It is very important to use magnetic cleaner. Using the Best Magnetic Window Cleaner makes the cleaning very easy and it brings about the neatness of the window. Maintaining glazed windows is not always easy due to stains. Removing these stains requires extra effort to help facilitate this process. If you find it difficult to clean the window, here comes a solution that will help you to give your window the best view. Best magnetic window cleaners are easy to find when you search the right place.

Best Magnetic Window Cleaner - What is a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

Best Magnetic Window Cleaner

This solution comes in form of a magnetic cleaner, this cleaner helps to reach both sides of the window without needing to venture up a ladder. Magnetic cleaner is split into two sessions, each with a cloth, and the other half is passed through the window by keeping it safe and through the piece of stirring that is attached to the wrist. However, a clean, shiny window will brighten your room and give it that spark.

When the other half of the cleaner is pressed against the window, the powerful magnet attracts the outside half of the cleaner, pinning it to the outside of the window and it follows the path that the inside half of the cleaner takes, thus cleaning both the outside and the inside of the window at the same time.

What is a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

A magnetic window cleaner is usually a plastic tool with two magnetic parts that stick together from both sides of the window. The one part from the inside is made with a handle to hold on so that you can guide the cleaner. Most of the cleaners come with a string for safety reasons, they have a length of up of six meters. But before using the device you have to attach the string to your window.

What does the magnetic window cleaner package contain?

  • Spare powerful magnets
  • 2 magnets parts
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spacer
  • White safety string
  • Spare rubber squeegee

The cleaner comes with different magnets depending on what type the window panes you would like to clean. However, the cheapest magnetic window cleaner is equipped with smaller magnets and it is meant for thin, single-glazed window glasses.

How does a Magnetic Window Cleaner Work?

The basic things you need to aside from the bucket are a dish-washing liquid or all-purpose liquid cleaner and some elbow grease also, before buying the best magnetic window cleaner you have to check your window type, it can be single glazed or double glazed. However, follow these processes to see how it works.

  • First, you have to put a little bit of the cleaning solution
  • Then stir the water to make bubbles
  • Dip the two parts of the magnetic window cleaners into the water
  • Do not stick them together immediately
  • After that rub together the sponges to create froth
  • Keep the larger piece with the handle on the inside
  • Clamp the two parts together
  • Always clean with the sponge/cloth first to make sure that all dirt are scrubbed off
  • Clean horizontally from top to bottom in a zigzag movement
  • Move slowly and with patience
  • Move the cleaner to the closet edge
  • To remove any streaks left behind, place the microfiber cloth on both magnetic parts

When you finish with the window cleaning process, store the magnetic cleaner with the spacer between the magnetic parts. Now, you can enjoy your clean windows.

Best Magnetic Window Cleaner 2022

Just like I said earlier, the best magnetic window cleaner are easy to find if you search the right place. But it is usually not easy to decide the right one. Anyways let’s take a look at some of the best window cleaners.

  • Keepia Magnetic Window Cleaner for Doubled Glazed Windows
  • KOKITEA Doubled Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Tyroler magnetic Window Cleaner – The Glider D-4
  • Baffet magnetic Window Cleaner for Doubled Glazing
  • Charminer Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Brush
  • Magnetic Window Cleaner, Double Side Window Cleanings Brush Glass Wiper
  • LvDD Double-sided Glass Wiper
  • Homonic Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Modern Domus Neverending Reach
  • Mifxin Double-sided Window Cleaner

Truly when you have windows that are more than an arms-length, it is better to use magnetic cleaners to clean them. By using the Best magnetic window cleaner you are not only saving time but you are also saving money too.

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