Best Brain Training Apps

What could be the best training apps suitable for ‘training’ the intellectual part of our brain? People all over the world and of different ages all make use of brain training games to help stimulate many more features of the brain. Whether it be logic skills, response time, memory, or many more cognitive functions, these brain training apps give your brain the much-deserved workout it needs to stay active.

Best Brain Training Apps

Furthermore, training apps like this help improve other functions like the ability to think faster and focus more on the important. In the same way, one trains their physical body to stay active and stay in shape, helpful exercises help keep your brain in active shape as well. What’s more, there are so many games and apps that promote easy but rigorous activities that will help train your brain and improve your mental fitness and focus.

10 Best Brain Training Apps

As mentioned, some of these apps come in the form of games, and others come in the form of intellectual quiz designs. Whatever their appearance and functions are, these applications can easily be used on your mobile devices to help activate and keep the brain busy.

What’s more, these apps are all nice alternatives to social media applications that are often distracting and make you lose focus. Nevertheless, here are the best brain-training apps that you can try out on your mobile devices:


The Lumosity app is an efficient platform that helps its users stay active with all its brain training activities. As well as offering mental fitness programs, this application also allows you to play three games per day, and if you want more, you will need to sign up for a subscription service. What’s more, they have over 50 games—many quiz-like games and others educational.

You will be asked which skills you are interested in, and you will be given a 3-game test to check your skills. These tests will all be challenging and, hence, give you something to work on.


The Elevate app is a powerful and authentic training application for the brain, as it offers both brain training games and educational games as well. With lots of amazing features, anyone with an iOS or Android device can easily download this application to start staying active.

What’s more, the Elevate app gives users games that focus on math, writing, reading, speaking, and many more. In fact, you can even customize the games and training to focus on a particular area. In addition, you can also track how far along your progress is.


Another perfect example of a brain training app is the Braingle application, which has a large collection of brain teasers. When you go to the website, you will be introduced to a wide collection of games, puzzles, and other brain teasers as well.

If you know that you are an enthusiastic type, you can join the online community to participate and stay active. Additionally, you can even create your own puzzles if you want to.


The Wordle Brain Training app is an online web-based game that has amassed millions of users around the world. Anyone can play this game if they have six tries to guess a specific five-letter word. Not only is this game fantastic, but it also offers you a combination of problem-solving challenges that give you good mental training.


If you want something different from the brain training apps to try out, the Queendom app is a perfect option. This training application has thousands of surveys and personality tests, as well as ‘brain tools’ like trivia quizzes, aptitude tests, math puzzles, and many more. Every single one of them is available for you to try out and exercise, giving your brain a healthy mental workout.


Another perfect brain training app that you can use to give your brain the proper training and mental workout is Peak. It is available on Android and iOS devices, and it offers users the full capacity of their features for working out their brains. Furthermore, they offer brain games that help you work on mental agility, focus, memory, problem-solving, and many more.

Also, they have ranks by which players are being grouped. So, if you are looking for a little healthy competition, you could play various task games and see how you score against others. If you want to unlock more exciting features, you can subscribe to a subscription plan. Otherwise, you can use the Peak app for free.

Happy Neuron

Unlike many other brain apps, Happy Neuron divides and categorizes its games and activities into five brain areas, namely: executive functions, language, attention, memory, and visual.

Similar to features from Lumosity, this app also helps you personalize the training to fit your needs. It also helps you track your progress, and you will need to pay a monthly subscription to use the site. Still, you can use the free trial offer to check out how it works.


If you want to go old-school and classic, you can always use one of the best brain trainers called Crosswords. In fact, this is the best verbal and memory training app that helps your brain with loads of knowledge. What’s more, you can easily perform crosswords both online and offline, and you can do it anywhere and anytime.

From old newspapers to easy-to-interface apps on the internet, What’s more, you can easily work crosswords on various apps from the app store, and you can get them either free or inexpensive.


If you are looking for games that involve more numbers, then you should work with Sudoku. This is a type of game that has to make use of short-term memory. To play this game, you need to look for and follow the trail of consequences in numbers. Additionally, the process of planning in this game helps you improve your level of concentration and memory.

Einstein’s Riddle

If you’re looking for a game to help you break into your smart bank, you should consider installing Einstein’s Riddle. This is a logic game that allows you to solve top riddles using hints.

In other words, this is a powerful brain training app that helps you in the aspect of problem-solving. What’s more, there are over 5000 puzzles, and it might take some time to complete them all. All in all, this is a perfect example of a brain-training app to consider trying out.

These are the top brain training apps that you can install on your smartphone to give your brain some mental workouts and activities to level up and stay active.