How To Hide Location During Calls on WhatsApp

Do you want to hide your location during calls on WhatsApp? In this blog post, you will learn how to hide your location during calls on WhatsApp without much stress. WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for users to hide their location during voice and video calls. If you want to get this latest feature, you have to get the latest versions of WhatsApp.

With this feature, you can hide your IP address by relaying your call through WhatsApp servers. In addition, the features can help protect your privacy. The best part is that you can simply make use of this feature by toggling the IP protection icon on the app and this will allow Whatsapp to bounce your calls through its server.

How To Hide Location During Calls on WhatsApp

However, note that when you hide your location during calls, your network connection will be reduced, which will result in a slower connection. Normally, when you make a call on WhatsApp, your device’s IP address will be shown to the person you are on the phone with. But if you don’t want the other person to know your location, then you can hide it. With this new feature, your calls will go through WhatsApp servers to keep your IP address private. Read on for steps and guidelines on how to use this feature.

Why Hide Your Locations During Calls on WhatsApp?

People have personal reasons for wanting to hide their location during calls. Some people hide their location because of their privacy and security. Your security is very important, so WhatsApp has made it possible for other people not to know your location. And most times, you can be in a sensitive place and don’t want anyone to know. This is where hiding your location comes in.

Benefits of Hiding Your Location During A WhatsApp Call

There are lots of reasons why you should hide your location during video or audio calls on WhatsApp. Here are some of the benefits.


In a situation where you are discussing confidential information with someone on WhatsApp and you don’t want the person to track your location, you have to hide your location for this purpose.


Protecting your privacy should be your priority; hiding your location is the best way to protect your privacy.


Your safety should be another reason why you should hide your location. You might not want somebody to know where exactly you are because your safety will be at risk.

How To Hide Location During Calls on WhatsApp

If you want to hide your location during calls on WhatsApp, then you should follow the steps below.

Make sure you have the Latest Version of WhatsApp

The first step is to Install the latest version of WhatsApp. You can download the latest version from your Play Store or App Store. If you cannot download it, just keep your app up to date.

Open WhatsApp and initiate a call

Once you have updated your WhatsApp, you can now open WhatsApp and put a call through anybody on your contact list. You can make both voice and video calls to see how you can hide your location from them.

Access the new Location Privacy Setting

You will notice a new location icon on the call screen during an ongoing call with the other person. The icon appears near the mute, camera, and end-call buttons. The icon will take you to the new location privacy setting.

Toggle the Location Privacy Setting

At this point, you need to tap on the location icon to access the location privacy setting. You will be given the option to share your live location or hide it during the call. Click on Hide Live Location.

Confirm your Decision

You will receive a prompt from WhatsApp asking you to confirm your decision to hide your location. Once you have given your confirmation, your location icon will show that your location has been hidden successfully.

Complete your Call

Now that your location privacy has been completed, you can continue your call. This time, the person with whom you are talking will not be able to see your location.


You can see how easy it is to hide your location during calls; WhatsApp knows how to protect the privacy and security of its users, which is why this feature was introduced. So anytime you feel the need to protect your privacy and your security do not hesitate to hide your location from whoever you are calling or making a video with on WhatsApp. Note that the location privacy setting can be adjusted. You can always adjust the settings if you want; anytime you want whoever you are calling to know your location, you can easily toggle the settings to do so.