10 Best Places To Live In Lagos

10 Best Places To Live In Lagos – Moving to reside in Lagos might leave you wondering what the best place to live there is. So, are you looking for the best places to live in Lagos? If yes, worry no more, because you are on the right page.

10 Best Places To Live In Lagos

Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria – a bustling city where vibrant cultures, commerce, and endless excitement converge. In this article, we’ll guide you through the “10 Best Places to Live in Lagos,” unveiling neighborhoods that perfectly blend comfort, convenience, and community vibes.

Whether you’re drawn to the cultural charm of Victoria Island or the lively energy of Lekki, each spot on our list encapsulates the unique essence of Lagos, offering an ideal home for those seeking a perfect mix of work and play in this dynamic urban hub.

10 Best Places to Live in Lagos

Below are the best neighborhoods in Lagos to live in if you want a friendly community filled with good schools, a business-friendly atmosphere, and a developed society. They are as follows:

Banana Island, Lagos

Banana Island is one of the best places you can live in Lagos. This is the production of an island carved out from the tidemark of Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

It is not a secret that Banana Island is home to affluent Nigerians and likewise has some of the most classy real estate in Nigeria. Nevertheless, anyone who has spent some time on this island will confess that the place is in a class of its own.


Gbagada is also one of the best places you can live in Lagos State, especially for the working class. It is known for its inexpensive housing and convenient transportation links.

It is also home to a lot of factories and businesses. Gbagada is primarily occupied by working-class families that grow appealing properties in locations like Gbagada Phase 1, Ifako, and Medina Estate. This busy city is recognized for its lively neighborhoods and sense of security.


Lekki is a fast-growing neighborhood home to a combination of people from all walks of life. This place is also one of the best places you can live in Lagos.

It is recognized for its lovely beaches, vibrant nightlife, and modern amenities. It is filled with attractive houses in neighborhoods like Lekki Phase 1, Nicon Town, UPDC, Victory Park, Pinnock, and Goshen.

This growing community has unique work prospects, medical facilities, government assistance, shopping centers, recreational attractions, and first-rate schools.


Surulere is a lively neighborhood home to a combination of people from all walks of life. This place is also one of the best places you can live in Lagos State.

It is recognized for its lively markets, wonderful food, and diverse cultural attractions. This flourishing region has unique healthcare facilities, work prospects, first-rate schools, shopping locations, government assistance, and recreational experiences.


Ikeja stands as the admired capital of Lagos State, animated with the heartbeats of commerce and development. It is also one of the best places you can live in Lagos State.

It is not a surprise that businesses flock to this place, making it a hub of opportunities. Ikeja provides not just success but also a collection of entertainment venues.

The distance is dotted with government pharmacies, shopping malls, buildings, and hotels, creating the tapestry of a bustling metropolis. The popular Murtala Mohammed International Airport and the Ikeja City Mall also call this place their home.


Apapa is also one of the best places you can live in Lagos State. It stands as an essential part of Lagos State’s and Nigeria’s machinery, boasting bustling ports, significant refineries, and terminals, including the famous Bua Group.

While primarily recognized for its commercial prowess, Apapa provides a few charms for those who pursue leisure, like the distinctive Folawiyo Towers and the Apapa Amusement Park that grace its skyline.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island (VI) is a rich area situated in the Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos. It is also one of the best places in Lagos. It is one of the most safe places in Lagos from both robbery and accidents.

In one word, VI has the most stylish buildings, schools, residential developments, restaurants, parks, and security systems in all of Nigeria.


Epe is a local government area located on the northern side of the Lekki Lagoon, with 180,500 people as of 2006. You may be wondering about this one, but I guarantee you that Epe is not the nastiest place to live in Nigeria.


Festac is a federal housing estate situated along the famous Lagos-Badagry Expressway. It is likewise one of the best places to live in Lagos State. Festac Town is a national housing estate located in the Awuwo-Odofin local government area in Lagos.


Ogba, a tightly occupied area, serves as a small-scale version of diverse income levels coexisting musically. Within its bounds lies a range of employees, from the modest to the wealthy, ending in an outstanding social tapestry.

Particularly, Ogba plays host to admired estates like Omole Estates and the famed Allen Avenue, a center for available rental housing options.

In conclusion, going through the list of the Best Places to Live in Lagos, both on the mainland and on the island, it becomes completely clear that this urban area is a mosaic of vibrant living, opportunities, and diversity. You can choose any place of your choice from the list above.