Besides Ludo, What are the Most Played Board Games?

Ludo is one of our favorite board games from our childhood. All of us have our own patent ludo tricks, tips, and gameplay. And just like the offline version, the online version is fun to play. You can download the game from any application and play it as per your requirements.

Besides Ludo, What are the Most Played Board Games?

There are plenty of sites from where Ludo can be downloaded easily. And yes, you can indeed earn exciting cash prizes if you play online Ludo. It is a wonderful game and can help you pass the time easily.

Ludo has been a part of our social fabric as well. Play a round of Ludo whenever you are free. The best part about playing Ludo online is that you can invite your cousins and siblings with whom you used to play this game in childhood.

Ludo is a fantastic board game that improves the bond with friends and family. If you are looking for a good game that increases logical thinking capability and cognitive skills, improves blood pressure, and develops interpersonal skills, then Ludo is the game you must choose.

It can keep you off of the real world, and the surge in online game usage has increased manifolds. People need games that are simple and will help them relax.

However, there are many other video games as well that you used to enjoy in their board game versions, and now is the time to play them virtually too. So yes, there are several others to explore! And, given the current situation, with COVID-19 cases on the rise in some parts of the country, it’s best to stay at home and play games like Ludo.

  1. Carrom: The first game that we are going to talk about is very common, and that is Carrom. Didn’t you love putting powder on the board on a Sunday and gathering around as you used to watch your father challenge your grandfather? And later, you used to play with your father, cousins, and siblings. What simple, amazing days they were, right? Now you can play while maintaining social distance.

You need to download carrom game and start participating. You know the tricks. While the rules remain somewhat the same, it never hurts if you clarify. Carrom sharpens the mind and helps with better predictions. Carrom also enables quick thinking and improves analytical thinking.

  1. Monopoly: This game is also related to our childhood and is as fun as games like Ludo and Carrom. It teaches business and helps you manage your finances better. You have to strategize throughout the game. It is a game of skill, enhancing math and negotiation skills, planning abilities, tax basics, money and liquidity management, etc.

It boosts the immune system while reducing stress. If you are facing issues with decision-making and remembering things, then you should play this game. Relive your childhood with just the help of a few clicks. When we were kids, we used to get so excited and feel like property or real estate tycoons. That is because the game might look simple but has many advantages. First, it keeps your brain healthy!!

  1. Scrabble decreases the chances of mental illness. The online version can give you the right kick at the beginning or end of the day. You can now flex your brain muscles just when you like. So, whether you are bored of your boss constantly talking in a meeting or have to go to this annoying party, you can take a break and play this game. Learn more about this game from this piece by Huffington post.

We suggest you play it whenever you get time to improve your memory and keep your pressure in check. It also helps to build vocab, so if you are thinking about a course, skip it and start playing scrabble. Then, instead of spending money, earn some!

It is great for mental development and bonding with family. The game works as therapy for many. No more fighting over the newspaper to play scrabble. Download an app today.

  1. Snakes & Ladders: Previously considered a component of the traditional board game ludo, snakes and ladders is yet another entertaining game to play when bored.The best way to spend your leisure time. You no longer need to purchase a board; instead, play the game virtually with your friends and family.

The benefits include math skills, increasing attention span, improving social skills, etc. Also, this simple yet fun game soothes anxiety. You can play a round or two while traveling to or from work.

  1. Mouse Trap: Mouse Trap is yet another board game that has just launched its online version. It is thrilling and comes with the perfect dose of adrenalin rush. You can download the game on your phone and engage yourself for hours.

So, these are a few board games you must try in the virtual version. They are amazing, and the rules are pretty simple too.

Given the coronavirus situation, there is no need to step out. Instead, play the online versions of the board games with your loved ones while staying at home. All of them are exciting, will help you win cash prizes, develop your social and cognitive skills in some way or another, etc. Start playing now!