How long as it been since you last take out time to check out your mail sent by your colleagues or friends? Probably five or four-month you check your mail and do you still remember the steps to Hotmail Login Mail. This is where you can have access to free personal email from Microsoft. You can read our steps below and get full access to your Mail account as Hotmail Login Mail is open to users who already sign up for an account.

Hotmail Login Mail – Free Personal Email from Microsoft

Users who joined the largest email provider enjoy free personal email from Microsoft known as Hotmail email. Users are required to use the Hotmail Login Mail steps to access their accounts. Note this is for users who have signed up for an account on the Email platform. In brief, if you can’t access your account use the following outline in this article.

Hotmail login mail is the most used email platform on the internet with lots of users who have signed up to Hotmail. It’s a secure procedure that guarantees users access to their accounts to check their mail and other activities. However, users who are active on the platform are eligible to use the login portal thereby identifying the account with a set of login ID. Active users can access the mail login with certain login requirements.

Free Personal Email from Microsoft Credentials

Hotmail is a secure and well know webmail service that allows users to acquire Login details for their Mail account. As this is a Free Personal Email from Microsoft to all users who have all it takes to sign up for an account. The account info provided during the registration process is what is needed to log in to the mail account. Therefore if you aren’t a member of the email platform with a valid ID, you can’t access the email service.

  • Your email address, username or phone number related to your Hotmail account.
  • The password you created during the registration process.
  • Lastly an internet connecting device with a secure network.

These are the basic requirements to complete Hotmail Login Mail to access Free Personal Email from Microsoft. Therefore you are required to provide valid credentials to access your mail account. Note that the login page has changed into Outlook but your mail and account still remain the same.

Hotmail Login Mail Steps

Above all, you are requires to access the Hotmail login mail page which enables the login form. Therefore once you verify your account is valid and your connection is turned on. Then, here’s the simple procedure to log in to your mail account below:

  • Enter the official website or on your device web browser.
  • On the homepage locate the “sign in” icon on the middle or at the upper right side of the page.
  • Then enter your username or phone number and click “Next”.
  •  Enter the create password on the next filed and also click “Next” to directly access the mail.

For quick login without the following process click on the box that indicates “keep me signed in” to automatically login your mail account. Note you are not to click the icon if you are signing in from public devices to avoid fraud cases or scammers.