13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria

Are you a fan of the landscapes and places in Yobe state in Nigeria? Are you looking for fun and exciting places where you can take your kids and even your loved ones anytime there is some holiday or day off? Then you have come to the right place. I advise that you keep scrolling to find out 13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria. There are 36 states in Nigeria and Yobe is one of them. Furthermore, there are fun and amazing places that you can visit in Yobe state that will definitely put a smile on the face of your kids. What’s more, they also have the opportunity to see new things and relax.

13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria

So, in this blog post, you will be able to learn 13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria. And trust me, your children will not want to leave these places and they will also persuade you to bring them back another time. Frankly speaking, this is another opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kids as well. They also get to smile and be happy. Therefore, it is now up to you make to make all of these things work. Let us begin to discover these nice places together.

13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Yobe State Nigeria

There are various exciting places that you can visit in Yobe. Moreso, you can also go with your kids. You do not also need to worry because these fun places are children-friendly. So set your mind at ease and figure out where you want to take them so badly:

  1. Old Daniski Settlement
  2. Tuo-Tulowa
  3. Bula Tura Oases
  4. Waro Joint
  5. The Dangona Birds’ Sanctuary
  6. Potiskum Emirate Council Palace
  7. Goya Valley
  8. Yobe State University
  9. S.Twinkles Restaurant
  10. Birnin Ngazargamu
  11. Fika Town
  12. Dufuna Canoe
  13. The Daura Old Settlement

Old Daniski Settlement

Old Daniski Settlement is one of the best places to take your kids in Yobe State. Furthermore, it is located in the Northern part of Fika. Moreover, it is also recognized as the administrative seat of the Bolewa people. So, this is one place you need to see in this part of Nigeria.


Tuo-tulowa is sited in the Yusufari local government area in Yobe state Nigeria. It is also known as the desert of hope by many. What’s more, this area has a water hole with plentiful water amount in a low passage. So, you can go swimming.

Bula Tura Oases

Another place that your kids need to see is the Bula Tura Oases. This is a dune located in the semi-desert zone close to Nguru. What’s more, it is famous for its beauty of the discomfit landscape as well as the oases that you will find in Dry-land prone areas.

Waro Joint

This is where specialties come in. In the Waro Joint, you can have nice and mouth-watering food. It is also affordable so you can be able to pay for some of the best food in Nigeria. So, since your kids always have homemade food all the time, this is the chance for them to taste something different entirely.

The Dangona Birds’ Sanctuary

The Dangona Birds’ sanctuary sounds funny, right? Well, this is a must-see place in Yobe state Nigeria. It can be found in Dangona village. This place is popular for having and accommodating birds of different types, sizes, and species. So, they come to this place to stay warm during the winter season.

Potiskum Emirate Council Palace

One of the fun and best places to take your kids in Yobe state Nigeria is the Potiskum Emirate Council Palace. It is known as the place of residence of the Emir of Potiskum. What’s more, it has an excellent architectural design that will definitely get your children on their feet and send them packing for a trip to Yobe.

Goya Valley

This is known as the deepest gorge valley located in Nigeria. It can also be found in the northwest part of the old Daniski settlement which is in the Fika local government area. So, taking your kids to the Goya Valley is not a bad idea.

Yobe State University

You may be wondering, why would I take my kids to a university but the Yobe state university is one of the best places to visit with your kids. It is also fun as well. Furthermore, a trip to the university is good for their careers.

In other words, they get to see different people and view professionals in various fields. Hence, this place will assist them to make a decision when they want to embark on a journey to finding their path in career.

S.Twinkles Restaurant

If you are looking to eat dishes from this part of Nigeria, then you need to visit the S-Twinkles restaurant. They serve local delicacies that you cannot help but wonder if you are in food heaven. Moreso, it is comfortable and nice as well for both you and your kids.

Birnin Ngazargamu

One place you do not want to miss seeing is Birnin Ngazargamu. This can be found in the eastern part of Geidam.

Fika Town

Another place to go in Yobe State Nigeria is Fika Town. This was founded and discovered in 1905. However, this was after the migration from Daniski hill to find the perfect place to settle down and live comfortably.

Dufuna Canoe

This is one of the oldest ancient canoes found in Africa. Furthermore, the people responsible for finding it are the Fulani herdsmen. It was discovered in Dufuna when they made plans to dig and build a well. So, I am sure your kids want to see something very old.

The Daura Old Settlement

You can find the Daura old settlement in the south part of the Gogon-kuka office on Damaturu Potiskum road. It is also sited in between three hills. So, you can say that it is worth seeing especially for your kids.