EcoFlow River 2 – Full Specifications and Price

Over the years, EcoFlow has been releasing the best devices to make life easier and better. EcoFlow makes portable and movable power stations that can be used anywhere and anytime. In addition to other EcoFlow power station generations, a new EcoFlow edition [ EcoFlow River 2 ] has been announced.

EcoFlow River 2 - Full Specifications and Price

EcoFlow River 2 comes with a lot of advanced features. From energy to capacity, battery life, and many other features, this power station is made to be the best. It is also easier to understand and use. This write-up tells you all you need to know about this newly released power station. To avoid missing any information, read all the way through.

How Does EcoFlow River 2 Work?

When going camping, going on an outing, or so on, you may want to connect to electricity. EcoFlow River 2, as previously stated, is a portable power station that can be used anywhere and anytime. It is made of less than 1 kWh, which makes it very easy to move. This power station allows you to connect other devices to it and make use of them at the same time.

Furthermore, it charges 5x faster, has a longer battery life, and has numerous other features that make it the best. Irrespective of where you are going, either on a boat, beach, in the woods, or any other place, River 2 makes your outing better by providing you with electricity.


EcoFlow River 2 is made with a lot of specifications. These specifications make up the capabilities of the power station. Without knowing them, there is no way you will know how amazing and good this power station is. In the below table, River 2 specifications are given for identification.

Capacity256Wh 512Wh 768Wh
X-Boost Output600W 100OW 1600W
Total Outlets11 11 6
Solar Charging Input11-30V 11OW, 8A Max 220W Max 220W Max
AC Output120V 50Hc/60Hz, 300W (Surge 600W) 120V 50Hz/60Hz, 500W (Surge 100W) 120V 50Hz/60Hz, 800W (Surge 1600W)
Battery ChemistryLFP
Net Weight (Ibs)7.7Ibs 13.2Ibs 17.2Ibs
Mobile AppYes
Dimension (cm)24.5×21.5×14.5 27x26x19.6cm 27x26x22.6cm
AC Charging360W 660W 940W
Net Weight (kg)3.5kg 6kg 7.8kg
USB-A Output12W Max
Car Power Output100W Max 126W Max
USB-C Output60W Max 100W Max
DC 5521 Output2 ports, 12.6v, 3A Max per port
Number of USB-A Output2 3 3
Number of USB-C Output1
Number of AC Outlets2 4 4
Car ChargingSupport 12V/24V, default 8A
AC Charging100- 120V 50Hz, 360W Max
Shelf life3000 cycles to 80% capacity 3000 cycles to 80+% capacity
Cycle life3000 cycles to 80% capacity 80%+ capacity after 3000 cycles.

Now that you know these, you can see why this power station is the best.

What Does River 2 Include?

After purchasing River 2, there are some things that come with the box. These things help you set it up and make use of it. Without them in the box, you may have a hard time using your River 2.

  • User manual.
  • Warranty card.
  • River 2.
  • Car charging cable.
  • App quick start guide.
  • AC charging cable.

In a case where you can’t find them, then you have to make a complaint to the retailer from which you purchased the power station.

EcoFlow River 2 series

River 2 comes in three main series. They all work the same way and have similar features and specifications. Also, they look a lot alike but have different capabilities. Below, these series are given for identification.

  • EcoFlow River 2.
  • EcoFlow River 2 Max.
  • EcoFlow River 2 Pro.

These are the three River 2 series made available for purchase from different stores.

Can I Take EcoFlow River 2 on a Flight?

Unfortunately, you cannot take EcoFlow River 2 on a flight. You will need to leave it behind or take another means of transportation.


EcoFlow has ensured that River 2 is very affordable for customers to purchase. On different shopping platforms, such as Amazon, River 2 is sold at a similar price range. But the price is $219.00 at EcoFlow, a similar amount on other shopping platforms.

Released Date

In the year 2022, River 2 was announced and said to be released soon. A lot of EcoFlow customers have been demanding River 2 power station even before it was released. However, on November 9, 2022, it was released and made available for purchase on the EcoFlow store and also on Amazon.