13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Nasarawa State Nigeria

Are you looking for the perfect fun places to take your kids? We all know that these little ones try so hard in academics and other areas. And just like you too, they need and deserve a break. So, here are 13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Nasarawa State Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed with various natural resources that make it fit for tourists. Furthermore, there are beautiful places that you need to see once at least in a lifetime. Your kids also need to see these amazing places which is why I can help you make them happy.

13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Nasarawa State Nigeria

What’s more, Nasarawa is a state in Nigeria and its capital is Lafia. It is also famous for its production of minerals and other agricultural products. But apart from all of that, they also have unique locations with nature that you need to see. However, do not forget that your kids are no exception. Plus, it is an amazing opportunity for you to strengthen and build a strong bond and relationship with them. Therefore, you guys will become very good friends at the end of it all.

13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Nasarawa State Nigeria

If you have always had dreams of going to Nasarawa or you want to put a smile on your kids’ faces, this is the time for you to do it. Besides, there can be site seeing and many more that you take part in when you get there. Some of the best places to visit with your kids include:

  1. Eggon Hills
  2. Goshen Guest House
  3. Peperuwa Lake
  4. Maloney Hills
  5. Farin Ruwa Falls
  6. Doma Dam
  7. Kini Country Guest Inn
  8. Akiri Salt Village
  9. Ara Rock
  10. Nasarawa Kitchen
  11. Karu Waterfalls
  12. Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic Centre
  13. Akiri Warm Spring

Eggon Hills

One of the best and most fun places that you can go to in Nasarawa state is the Eggon Hills. This is also famous for its beauty and natural looks as well. So, begin to start making plans for a trip to Eggon hills with your kids.

Goshen Guest House

Secondly, you need to take your kids to see the Goshen Guest house. You will find it in Goshen city. So, the Goshen guest house is one of the beautiful guest houses that your kids will want to see. They will also be attracted by its beauty and wonderful appearance. It is also very comfortable as well.

Peperuwa Lake

Peperuwa lake has attracted tourists and foreigners from every part of the world to this place. It is very beautiful and I am sure that your kids will love to see it. So, they can participate in boat riding, and swimming as well.

Maloney Hills

The Maloney hills are one of the well-known hills in Nigeria. By visiting these beautiful hills, you can give your kids a chance to be close to nature and learn a lot about them as well. You can find it at RVVC + WWC which is right behind the Emir palace, Abdul Zanga Road, Keffi.

Farin Ruwa Falls

The Farin Ruwa Falls can be found in the amba local government area. Furthermore, it is about 120 km from its capital. It is also known as White waters in their native language. So, it will be fun to visit this place.

Doma Dam

Dams are known to be beautiful constructions and the Doma Dam is no exception. So, if you are looking for a fun place to take your kids in Nasarawa state Nigeria, this is a good idea. The Doma Dam is manmade as well so you can go fishing with your kids.

13 Fun Places To Take Your Kids – Kini Country Guest Inn

The Kini Country Guest Inn is one of the largest hotels in Nasarawa state Nigeria. It is very luxurious as well so, you can start by giving your kids the luxury and comfort they deserve. So, put this on your to-go-to list now.

Akiri Salt Village

Akiri salt village is one thing your child must see if you are making plans to go to Nasarawa state in Nigeria. In this village, local salt miners make use of spring water to process salt. So, I think it is a nice place to go.

Ara Rock

Another place that you need to visit with your kids is Ara rock. It can be found in Ara town in Nasarawa and it is 220km from Lafia. This place is very exciting and your little ones are going to love it.

Nasarawa Kitchen

Now, we have to come to the section of their food. The Nasarawa Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in the state. They serve customers scrumptious and appetizing meals. I am very certain that your kids will enjoy this.

Karu Waterfalls

Who does not love waterfalls? Well, I am pretty sure kids will find it amusing. So, if you are looking for a nice place to take your kids so that they can have fun, then the Karu waterfalls are somewhere to be with them.

Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic Centre

Picnics are one recreational activity that everyone likes. Gathering in a nice place with a blanket on the floor and enjoying all your favorite meals while talking. It is a great idea and you can use this opportunity to bond more with your kids so visit Oku Akpa Rock and Picnic center and enjoy the view of one of the biggest rocks.

Akiri Warm Spring

The Akiri warm spring is sited in the Awe local government area. Furthermore, when the weather gets cooler, the spring water gets warmer as well. So, it makes it perfect for your kids to enjoy the season and its warmth.