Yahoo Search – How to Use Yahoo Search Engine

Do you know there are search engines apart from Google that can be used to search for things on the internet? Yahoo, an email service provider offers different services to its members such as Sports, News, Cricket, and lots more to enjoy.

Yahoo Search - How to Use Yahoo Search Engine

Talking about the services offered, Yahoo Search is currently one of the most prestigious web search engines. It is designed to carry out a special search query on the internet. Learn more about the Yahoo search engine and the application on your mobile phone below.

After Google has been the number one search engine in the world, Yahoosearch appears to be the second leading largest search engine from various parts of the world with a 2.3% market share.

The search feature is designed and owned by Yahoo. And with these features, you can find whatever you are looking for. Also, you can find the most relevant information by adding special tags such as Images, News, Shopping, Days or Month, and lots more.  

Yahoo Web Search Engine Overview

Being the second largest search engine in the world today, the feature was originally known as the Yahoo-provided interface. It showcases Yahoo Web results in its searchable index of pages which is resulted from the Yahoo directory. In other words, the search result is been showcased to people that search for content under the directory of the website. This comprises collective detail from the web which is been done by Yahoo itself.

In other words, the introduction of the search engine is accessible in different locations. Plus, the search homepage allows you to know your location and also the weather forecasts. Countries like Yahoo Web USA and others have the privilege to use make use of the search engine. With the use of the Yahoo directory, you can easily search for content with ease. You can also search for videos (Yahoo video, people (Yahoo people and others.

How to Search Contents on Yahoo Search Engine

There’s no difference between the Yahoosearch and Google Search. Both work effectively in other to provide users with what they want. The same way you search content on Google is the same you do on Yahoo search. Over millions of people users, the search engine and the software are also integrated into Yahoo Mail.

How to Use the Yahoo Search Engine

  • Simply go to
  • Then, you’ll be welcomed to the homepage. And from the homepage, you can see your location as well as the temperature or weather degree.
  • In the middle of the page, you will see a search bar, you can type your focus keyword and click the search icon.
  • Then another page will open with the search result for you to browse through.

From your search result, you can click on images, videos, and news. Or click the drop-down icon to select more options in other to optimize your search. Also, at the top right section, you can access your email account, or directly access other services such as News, Finance, Tumblr, Sports, and others.

How to Download Yahoo App on Mobile

One major thing about using the web platform is that, while tying your focus keyword, it suggests similar words to the focus keyword for you to select from. However, the application is another aspect entirely, because you can quickly go to the app on your mobile phone and search for content.

  • On your Google Play Store or iOS Play Store
  • Type “Yahoosearch” in the search bar.
  • Click the Installation icon.

Next, you need to wait for the installation procedures to finish and afterward, you can set up the application on your devices. With a search app, you can discover and experience whole new content anywhere in the world.