AltaVista – Web Search Engines

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So many rising and falling web search engines on the internet, while some are acquired by the third-party platform. The web search engine has been in existence right from the ages of the internet. But as of today, Google currently the leading search engine followed by Yahoo search and next AltaVista actually one of the top forgotten search engines in the world. Back in the days of 1990s, the platform was the first searchable engine which was a full-text database during the use of the WWW (World Wide Web) with a simple interface.

AltaVista - Web Search Engines

On the contrary, the AltaVista is not available but accessible through the use of the Yahoo search. This actually means that when you go to the website, a redirection to the Yahoo Search appears. Due to that fact, that Yahoo actually bought the web search engine interface in 2003. Majorly, the AltaVista a search engine in case you don’t know and t was introduced into play in 1995 as an AltaVista web portal.

History of the About the AltaVista Web Search Engines Portal

The history of the Altavista goes a very long way in the 1990s and the main innovation of the service which made it stand out from other search engines at a particular time. Comprises of the two innovation that it made use of a fast, multi-threaded crawler that could surpass every other web page at the times. The made the platform efficient in terms of searching for content and also running an advanced search.

But now the race of the AltaVista is actually a past tense but not forgotten. Just recently Yahoo is now the owner of the search engine. The only thing that is alive about is the web portal or website, you can still use the web portal which will redirect you to the very own Yahoo search. The service shut down in 2013, and the domain server shifts the Yahoo Search site.

Can I still Search Using the AltaVista Web Search Engine?

Of cause, you can still use the normal search engine website you know which is When you insert the link on your web browser, you will notice that the link will redirect you to the Yahoo search. Starting from there, you can search whatever thing you want to search for. In addition, one other thing that makes the platform cover every other search engine. Due to the built-in web-based machine translation which could help you understand texts in various languages just like Google translation.