What is the Xoom Account: On the contrary, there are countless numbers of service you can’t imagine available on PayPal that even most regular people using the online transaction don’t know about. In case you’re wondering what Xoom is all about, the Xoom account is actually one of the services of PayPal or a part of the service within the online transaction service. In other words, you can say PayPal + Xoom is one of the fastest ways to send money within just a few seconds.

Xoom Account - Xoom a PayPal Service | Xoom PayPal

However, the Xoom account not only allows you to send money at a faster speed but also enables you to make other transactions such as pay international bills and also reload your account instantly. The Xoom account provides a confident and convenient way in which you can make anything possible in terms of business transactions. Also, the service ensures that your money and yourself are well protected and safeguarded against any threat.

Why do You Need to Create a Xoom Account?

First of all, joining the community of people using the Xoom service provided by PayPal provides users the fastest, simplest, and secure way of making online transactions. The service allows you to send money, reload phones, pay online bills, and more in over 70 countries worldwide. Also, one of the factors you need to use the Xoom account is that transactions are easy. Instead, you waiting in line or filling out various paperwork for transactions. You don’t need to queue, with just your mobile phone, you can easily send and receive money as well as pay bills.

How to Sign up for an Account

Another fascinating fact about the Xoom account includes, stay active with the latest updates, 24/7 free personal customer service, check out the exact fee and account the receiver will receive and also an assurance of money-back.  However, to sign up is simple, the requirement includes:

  • Visit the website www.xoom.com on the web.
  • At the top right corner of the page, click Sign Up.
  • Then select a means of signing up, either with PayPal or with Email.
  • If you choose “Use PayPal to Sign Up” enter your email address and password, then click Log In.
  • In case you choose “Sign up with Email” you can fill out the required details.

Afterward, you need to confirm the email address you provided in other to activate your account. However, the service is also presented in the mobile app, so visit the app store or Google Play store on your device. Then search for the app “Xoom” and lastly, click on the download link. Keep in mind, log into and creating an account can be accessed on the Xoom app as well.